March 20, 2010

Cleaning Angry

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Hi there,

I am posting twice in one day. How cool is that? I recently had a thought about cleaning while angry come to mind. I was thinking about it further in my mind and am excited to share my thoughts with you here.

When you do things physically such as cleaning house while you are angry you are putting that anger into the muscles. Have you ever noticed that although you clean very quickly at the end you are often still angry, even though sometimes more calm? That anger, or even anger residue is then left in your muscles which will eventually manifest itself as dis-ease. The same would also be true of exercise which I know a lot of people choose while angry.

So, I had to ask about that and some remedies. First, let me address cleaning. I would rather hear that you find another motivation for cleaning. We leave an energy residue in everything we touch and instead of blessing our home with love while cleaning we leave a negative residue with everything. Do you feel satisfied when you finish cleaning after being angry? I don't. So choose a different way of releasing anger and calming down and find a different motivator for cleaning.

Second, exercise or such while angry. I am not here to tell you to not do it, I know that processing the thoughts while you are moving can be very healing. Here is what I have realized. Keep going until you are thinking positive. Work all the way through it and leave the positive residues in your muscles. Chances are if you keep working until you are in a positive outlook on the subject you have worked through most if not all of the anger.

Here's one more tip for anger. Ask yourself, "What thought triggered this feeling?" We spend so much time saying "I am angry" or whatever feeling that we forget that we aren't the feeling we are just feeling the feeling. So let's start saying, "I am feeling angry. What thoughts triggered this feeling?" It is amazing where this kind of thinking leads.


What is the goal for the space?

This was imported and updated from another blog I did.


I was just sorting through a magazine. I pull out the pictures I need for my interior design classes and anything else I may feel a need to reference later. Today I came across some tips for keeping rooms tidy and such. This got my mind to thinking.

These are the thoughts that came to me either directly or indirectly from what I read. Decide what you want to see when you walk into the room. Create goals from that. What are your daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and if you can, yearly or bi-yearly goals.

To help you know what you really see when you walk into a room, we see it but become so used to it we don't always notice it, take a picture. It's amazing how awful a room will look in a picture when you thought it was clean. This can be overwhelming too. If the room is obviously a mess you can either choose not to take a picture until you think you have it clean or you can take pictures as you go so you can see where you have been. I find this quite helpful when I'm overwhelmed.

A long these lines you can ask yourself what the most important space in the house is and why. For many this is the entry and living room as that is what visitors most often see. For me it is the kitchen, with the bathroom following as close second. I am not as concerned with what people think. I know that I am a busy woman with lots of kids and my house often reflects that. I feel much better if I know that I have a clean kitchen and bathroom.

From this I choose which things in a day are most important when it comes to cleaning. I have things that I'd like to see done every day and I set them in a priority so that the rooms that are important to me get taken care of first. This can be a problem when you live with a person that has different priorities so open communication on the subject is in order.

A side note, when you find out what is most important to you in the cleaning process you can see where you judge yourself and others ability to keep a clean house. Being aware of how you make judgment is how to stop judging. Remember also that someone that has a dirty house may be very overwhelmed or have other activities that they choose over their housework, such as family time. Be kind to yourself and others.



March 02, 2010

The Law of the Vacuum

This was imported and updated from another blog I did.

This is my first blog post. I have written newsletters in the past and am excited to again be sharing my thoughts and knowledge with others.

There are natural laws in existence. Even Father in Heaven has to follow the laws of nature. One of the laws is in essence the law of a vacuum. Whenever there is "empty space" it must be filled. When we clear out bad thoughts and habits they must be replaced with something else. Whether this is good is dependent upon our choices. An example is when a smoker decides to quit smoking, they sometimes use things like suckers to still have something sticking out from their mouth. Then find they are addicted to the sucker.

Now let's use an example in our homes. My husband had a lot of clothes he never wore. One day he decided to get rid a whole bunch. Within a very short time he was given a whole bunch of clothes. He ended up with a lot more that he would wear. When we get rid of things we open the space for more to flow to us.

There is also another thing that sometimes happens. Sometimes we have an emotional reason for keeping stuff. When we haven't replaced that negative emotional need with positive emotions and then get rid of stuff we can send the system into panic thereby attracting more of what we don't want to us. This is evident in the fact that my husband got twice as many clothes as he had gotten rid of.

There are many techniques for clearing the issues inside us. There are also many issues for clearing out our homes around us. I am excited to be bringing your awareness to some of those techniques.

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