March 20, 2010

Cleaning Angry

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Hi there,

I am posting twice in one day. How cool is that? I recently had a thought about cleaning while angry come to mind. I was thinking about it further in my mind and am excited to share my thoughts with you here.

When you do things physically such as cleaning house while you are angry you are putting that anger into the muscles. Have you ever noticed that although you clean very quickly at the end you are often still angry, even though sometimes more calm? That anger, or even anger residue is then left in your muscles which will eventually manifest itself as dis-ease. The same would also be true of exercise which I know a lot of people choose while angry.

So, I had to ask about that and some remedies. First, let me address cleaning. I would rather hear that you find another motivation for cleaning. We leave an energy residue in everything we touch and instead of blessing our home with love while cleaning we leave a negative residue with everything. Do you feel satisfied when you finish cleaning after being angry? I don't. So choose a different way of releasing anger and calming down and find a different motivator for cleaning.

Second, exercise or such while angry. I am not here to tell you to not do it, I know that processing the thoughts while you are moving can be very healing. Here is what I have realized. Keep going until you are thinking positive. Work all the way through it and leave the positive residues in your muscles. Chances are if you keep working until you are in a positive outlook on the subject you have worked through most if not all of the anger.

Here's one more tip for anger. Ask yourself, "What thought triggered this feeling?" We spend so much time saying "I am angry" or whatever feeling that we forget that we aren't the feeling we are just feeling the feeling. So let's start saying, "I am feeling angry. What thoughts triggered this feeling?" It is amazing where this kind of thinking leads.


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  1. I love working out to release anxiety and pressure, I would say yoga is my favorite, especially the meditation part when I can pray and feel closer to my Heavenly Father. I always feel so much better. :) I usually have to get to the source of my anger and if I am upset with someone have to confront them and talk it out. Thanks for the post. I hope you get feeling better soon.