March 20, 2010

What is the goal for the space?

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I was just sorting through a magazine. I pull out the pictures I need for my interior design classes and anything else I may feel a need to reference later. Today I came across some tips for keeping rooms tidy and such. This got my mind to thinking.

These are the thoughts that came to me either directly or indirectly from what I read. Decide what you want to see when you walk into the room. Create goals from that. What are your daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and if you can, yearly or bi-yearly goals.

To help you know what you really see when you walk into a room, we see it but become so used to it we don't always notice it, take a picture. It's amazing how awful a room will look in a picture when you thought it was clean. This can be overwhelming too. If the room is obviously a mess you can either choose not to take a picture until you think you have it clean or you can take pictures as you go so you can see where you have been. I find this quite helpful when I'm overwhelmed.

A long these lines you can ask yourself what the most important space in the house is and why. For many this is the entry and living room as that is what visitors most often see. For me it is the kitchen, with the bathroom following as close second. I am not as concerned with what people think. I know that I am a busy woman with lots of kids and my house often reflects that. I feel much better if I know that I have a clean kitchen and bathroom.

From this I choose which things in a day are most important when it comes to cleaning. I have things that I'd like to see done every day and I set them in a priority so that the rooms that are important to me get taken care of first. This can be a problem when you live with a person that has different priorities so open communication on the subject is in order.

A side note, when you find out what is most important to you in the cleaning process you can see where you judge yourself and others ability to keep a clean house. Being aware of how you make judgment is how to stop judging. Remember also that someone that has a dirty house may be very overwhelmed or have other activities that they choose over their housework, such as family time. Be kind to yourself and others.



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