April 21, 2010

Forward Focus

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I keep thinking I need to blog this but then I think I have so much to do. Well to shush the persistent voice in my head here I am :) I probably need the message I am feeling to write about. LOL

I have this fantastic book, I've lent to a friend so I can't even refer to it right now, which I think is called The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children. I got it at Deseret Industries for a dollar and it was by far the best dollar I have spent in my life! I think anyone, parent or not, would benefit from the info in it.

The author, sorry don't remember his name, explained focus being like a circle. One side is in the light the other the dark. So people that are always negative would be on the dark side of the circle and people that are positive would be on the light side.

There are ways to get the people around you and yourself into forward focus thinking. Forward being the side of the circle facing light. Questions! Asking, "What are you learning?" You don't have to wait until you are out of a trial to look back and learn. "What are you going to do about that?" Things like that.

How do we apply that here? Well, ask yourself questions. Say you just can't bring yourself to do dishes. You can ask yourself things like "How can I make this fun?" or find a way to focus on the good parts of doing dishes, like having dishes to eat off. :)

Have fun and stay focused on the good.

Hugs till next time,


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