October 17, 2010

Energy Profile

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Ok today's post is about Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth which are both systems by Carol Tuttle. I should be a good little affiliate and give you a link but alas I don't feel like looking them up. Oh well! So you can learn more at myenergyprofile.com Carol Tuttle has done many things that I love. She wrote Remembering Wholeness which is one of my favorite books. Another is It's Just My Nature also by Carol which is great at explaining the Energy Profiling. She also has a book that is geared more towards the fashion side of Energy Profiling.

Remembering Wholeness is a great way to bring healing and harmony to ones life. One of the best things that I have done for bringing healing and harmony to my life is learning my Energy Profile. I learned that I am a bright and animated type 1. This has shown me so much of why I do things the way I do.

I know I will never have routines in the way that some people do. I know that I can't set goals in the traditional manner. Knowing these things helps me to set goals and routines in a way that works for me. I know that I have to make everything fun.

It has helped me immensely with my relationship with my son who is a type 4. He excels with traditional routines and goals. I learned that I just ask for one thing at a time from him as he focuses on what he does and completes them in order. I tend towards asking a list of things and then wanting to throw in another thing in the middle which drives him nuts.

I have learned why so many of us struggle with cleaning. I have used my knowledge of Energy Profiling as I study other systems and I can see where each type has struggles and why. This is valuable when trying to solve a problem. Most of us type 1s keep looking to type 4 systems to solve our problems, then we get frustrated because they don't work.

I am not here to tell you what type you are or even tell you more then what I have about each type. I will probably not refer to types in the future, the biggest reason being Carol's stuff is registered and I wouldn't want to be in trouble. :) Go to her site and learn for yourself. She has amazing stuff in her blog. I wish everyone I knew was familiar with her work.

I am going to recognize that we all are individuals and that there are some general habits for the 4 types. When I feel impressed I will refer to the tendencies of the types without labeling them.

Have a super duper happy day!

Michele with love and light! Lots of light :)

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