October 23, 2010

Fun in clean?

This was imported and updated from another blog I did.


For a lot of us who search for methods to keep our house clean we need to address a basic need. FUN! I for one am one of these people that need to have fun and variety. When I take the fun out of anything, even when it started that way, it becomes hard for me to do and I will often quit. I am going to write this as if everyone that reads it is bright and animated like myself. I know that others will read and you can glean from this what feels right to you. Also if some of these seem a little out there for you, remember others don't have to know if you do it and only do them if they fit for you.

Ways to keep it fun. Change it up where it can be. Routines are great for some but for me it doesn't seem to work. Even after a month of doing the same thing everyday I still have to consciously make it happen, it never does become a habit. I don't even do things in the shower in the same order every day, it's just how I am.

Ideas for fun:

Making charts and lists, and decorating them, can be really fun and we can get sidetracked in it. I still think it is a great idea, as long as we don't get too caught up in them and forget to actually do the housework. If we make charts we need to add a little sparkle and shine of our personalities. Stickers and colors and fun stuff. We know what we like. If we make charts for the walls we might want to make new ones every few months just so that it is different.

Naming things different then what they are. We could easily create this around a certain season. Like Halloween time, if the laundry room is in the basement you might call it the dungeon. How bout making some witches brew (cleaning the toilet)? I know it may sound silly at first but I am sure you can make it work for you, even if you don't go full into it. If you have kids this could be a great way to get them involved. We've had fun with this at out house this last weekend! We also did "Mummy fold" and put them in the coffin (kids are too young to say sarcophagus, heck I struggle with it.) In case you are unsure the mummy fold is where we roll our laundry (folding would work too) and put them in the drawers.

Picking some upbeat cleaning songs might help. It sure helped Giselle in "Enchanted", this would obviously be music to your own preference. You could even have certain tasks to each song and race the song, or finish the task where you are when the song is over.

Costumes sound great to me. This could include something as simple as wearing a tiara when you clean. You could take this into make-believe as well, being Cinderella who has to earn her way to the ball. I think it would be great fun to have a maid outfit. The idea is it's cleaning time when it is worn.

I would love a cleaning buddy. Someone that could come clean with me or talk to me as I clean. It always seems easier to get things done if the focus isn't on the dread of the task itself. There obviously has to be some ground rules to make sure that the cleaning gets done as getting side tracked is really easy. Make sure this person isn't going to throw things away without asking you. Also if you care that things are done a certain way you might not want to have them clean at all, but just sit with you while you clean. Of course there would have to be some kind of trade whether it be one day at your house and another at hers or something else you agree on.

The biggest thing to remember is that if it starts to feel heavy and like you have to force yourself to do it then you need to find a way to lighten it up.

Hoping you find fun! Halloween clean for this next week! :)



  1. People find me weird that I LOVE to clean and organize. I find myself analyzing any home I've visited and I think of all the fun I could have trying make it more functional (to my standards). Once I get going, there's no stopping me. ~shannon maho

  2. Shannon I find cleaning fun SOMEtimes and cleaning and organizing other peoples house is always more fun!
    For me it's the day to day keep the house up that is not fun.

  3. October is always a busy month for my family. Preparing for our Halloween party and Haunted House. The mess we have now is driving me crazy. Can't wait to get it all cleaned and organized again.

  4. Do you know your energy profile? I know from your comments and a few other things what you are not :) (one note we all have all 4 types in us, it's our dominate that dictates how we move through life)

    I am a type 1 bright and animated person. It was hard being this type on the rez as it was not a common thing to be bouncy. (being white didn't help lol) Being type 1 is a part of why I write this. As a 1 I won't do something no matter how much it bugs me or how important it is without either great great effort or it being fun. I'm sure you're the type that will find her way to order very quickly and for us 1s what you are calling a mess is probably nothing LOL

    I have tried and tried to force myself to be something I am not. I have FANTASTIC ideas on how to organize and clean but getting it from the idea phase to implementing is not easy and often doesn't happen. Now I am finding ways to work with the way I am versus changing me. I know there are a lot of people that also want to find ways to have clean houses and yet they don't like cleaning and so it's a life long struggle. I'd love to help me and others like me find the clean homes we long to have while staying true to who we are!