November 13, 2010

what got done?

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I had an idea to write on and then something happened and now I am writing this. :) How many of us try writing lists only to get frustrated with what we didn't get done on the list? I am not here to tell you to not write lists, they can be very helpful. Some people thrive on them. So then what am I bringing these lists up for?

It's more on forward thinking really. When we look at the list we only see a part of the picture and too often we are not seeing on the bright side of the circle. When you look at your list I'm going to guess that you tend to see what isn't checked off. How about spending some time looking at what is checked off! What about those things you did that weren't on your list?

My suggestion is a lot like keeping a gratitude journal. Write down the things you got done. Woohoo I got three things on my list done! A long with that I did this and this that and they weren't on the list! Spend time with yourself at the end of each day recognizing all the great things that happened.

So far today here is my list, which I share to make a point. I dyed my hair, and while it was on my head I took that time to start cleaning the laundry room so my mom could empty her storage unit. I also started sorting my baskets of clothes that need packing away into piles by size. Kids are gone this weekend so it's ok if the piles get left for a few hours. Then my son woke up after a short nap and he was crying and his arms were freezing. I held him in a blanket and he went back to sleep. He needed more sleep so I enjoyed holding him and lucky for me some books were within arms reach so I read too. When I send this it will be on my got done list too. There are other things like changing diapers and some other reading that I can think of.

My point was about my son. So often I get caught up in the idea of my doings needing to look a certain way. Getting the house in order is important but my baby is only young once. I need to give myself credit for times like holding him and times I play with my kids. How neat it would be for my kids if every night I had on my list that I had spent some time with my kids.

Let's start giving ourselves credit for what we do. We can't get more done than we did by beating ourselves up while looking back. If we can see we didn't do much with our day then acknowledge those little things (heck some days it's just enough to give credit for getting out of bed!) Then put your effort into have a good now.



November 06, 2010

November ideas and kids

This was imported and updated from another blog I did.

Hi there again :)

Today we had a lot of fun and it worked! We made "Indian" hats. We also had a discussion about Native American vs. Indian and how I know a lot of Native American's, shock to my 7 yo that I even went to high school with a whole school full. lol Our feathers were to be worn while we cleaned. The biggest thing I think happened is that the kids had some fun so they were happy and more willing to do their part to keep the house clean.

So this letter is kind of two subjects. The first part is some of the ideas I've had to make November different. So we made our feathers and we are probably going to do some other pilgrim type things later in the month. Another idea I have is a little harder for my younger ones to grasp. My kindergartener and 2nd grader should catch on real well and if the senior doesn't, then give him about 7 years and he'll get it. That is the attitude of gratitude. This is one area that it is ok to compare. We are going to compare what we have now that the pilgrims didn't have. Running water, electricity, etc. It is a great time to remember to be thankful as we have a perfect reminder. For schedules you can draw a hand turkey on a sheet and put the chores on the feathers, or use your own creativity!!!

The second part is about getting the children to help. This is the huge thing I have learned with my kids. The happier our relationship the more willing to help they are. They need my time, my service, my positive words (no nagging as that slows the process!), my hugs and my "gift" or rather their allowance. Each child responds to a different thing. One of mine really responds negatively to words. Others respond more than others to time with them. Some respond better to allowances. It is really important to create a love relationship with the kids and remember they are individuals and won't necessary respond to what you would have if you were a kid.


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