November 30, 2011

How The Emotion Code can help you and in turn help me

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Dear Readers,

This has become a subject I am quite passionate about. I want to make a difference in your life and in the world. I know that The Emotion Code can do that.

Here is some information that I hope can give you better insight into the benefits of this tool.

  • The majority of all illness and injury will have at least one trapped emotion involved. (Well over 90%) It may have attracted the injury/illness or it may be preventing you from healing. We all know that people who have more positive outlooks will heal faster. I have seen where people and a dog have had miraculously fast healing and even instant pain relief just by releasing an emotion or two.
  • A phobia will always have at least one trapped emotion causing it.
  • Our conscious thoughts are only about 10% of what we send out into the universe. The majority of the subconscious thought is influenced by these trapped emotions. Releasing the trapped emotion has enabled many to experience much better things coming back to them.
  • 90% of people have a heart wall. You can know that you have a heart wall if you can't find love, lose love quickly, aren't attracting prosperity or abundance, in any of it's forms, and many other reasons.
  • We can inherit trapped emotions through our DNA so even babies can have trapped emotions and heart walls.
Releasing trapped emotions is surprisingly simple. It doesn't take much time and is not invasive in any way. We can release emotions from specific problems, such as injuries or illness. We can release emotions from events we know are emotionally charged. We can specifically address the heart wall. We can ask if there are emotions stopping you from losing weight, attracting money, etc. Pretty much any reason and in any aspect of life we can check for and release trapped emotions.

Releasing these emotions doesn't guarantee healing or attracting what you want. I have yet to see a time where it didn't have at least some benefits. If you are seeing a doctor and/or are on medications and/or supplements you would want to stay on and/or discuss quitting with those professionals qualified to do so. I would not say this trumps any other healing method, however, I would say it makes an excellent companion worth at least trying.

How you can help me is by becoming my client. I am currently working on the certification for this amazing emotional clearing program. I need to have so many clients before I can become certified.

The following is what you can expect as my client:
  • I will need to know your first name and preferably your last. I can work without the last name.
  • I will need to know your age, for the records and for pinpointing an age when it was trapped when that is necessary.
  • I would benefit from knowing your location but it isn't necessary.
  • We could work in person or through email.
  • You wouldn't have to tell me anything about the emotions or experiences that are pinpointed. This part is more for your benefit if your subconscious sees a reason for you to become consciously aware of it.
  • You would give me permission to work on you and I would reply with what was cleared and any information that is needed.
  • Until I am certified all sessions must be free to you. Your "payment" is assisting me in my certification.
  • Everyone experiences up to 48 hours of processing. Only 20% of the time do we notice the processing. Processing can look like, but is not limited to, needing more sleep, emotional ups and downs, and I personally have experienced a need to eat sooner than I would have (only a couple of times and I figure it was like when you are tired and need more food to give you energy.)
  • I would appreciate feedback on your experience but it isn't required. If I use your feedback it would be without names unless you specifically gave permission to use it.
  • I would never divulge any personal information.
I would appreciate your help and the opportunity for me to help you. The way I see it is that you have nothing to lose except a few trapped emotions. What would be the harm in giving it a go? If it didn't work for you then it would have been a couple of emails or a few minutes of your time. If it did work it could make a huge world of difference in your life.

To begin sessions with me you can email me at: You may also contact me through facebook or other private message methods.

With love and light,

November 24, 2011

The Heart Wall

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Dear readers,

Lately has been amazing! I have mentioned the emotion code. I can't stop singing it's praises. I have done quite a few healing techniques but I have never noticed such a profound change as with this one.

I wanted to share with you about the heart wall. You probably know that hearts are tender things. Did you know that they have actually proven that hearts hold memory? There are some of us, like myself, that have extremely tender hearts. We were meant to come to earth to love, be loved and teach love. It is quite the calling and makes our hearts especially sensitive.

As a part of my call to teach love I am learning to free people from the bonds they put around their hearts in an effort to protect their hearts. It is believed that 90% of the population has a heart wall. Chances are if you have ever felt severe heart ache you have created a heart wall.

What is a heart wall? Trapped emotions. When emotions are too much and the heart can't handle it they get trapped around the heart creating a wall. The wall can be of varying sizes and have many forms of imagery that represent it. This is all in an effort to keep the heart from getting hurt.

What happens when you put something inside a wall? That thing can't get hurt as nothing can get in but it also can't express itself because nothing can get out. We cannot love, truly love if we have locked our hearts behind a wall. Along with that God can't get it. He longs to help us and love us but we have locked him out. He enters through our hearts so when they have been closed off he can't get in.

I haven't, as of writing this, completely cleared my heart wall. I have cleared much. In so doing I have found myself caring about things again. I have felt grateful at this holiday time, I don't remember if I have ever felt such gratitude before. I am excited for Christmas. It once was my favorite holiday and yet in the last few years I have found no joy in the lights that I used to love, or wrapping gifts as I used to. This year I find the lights so beautiful. I find the spirit of the season already descending on me in a beautiful spirit.

I want to share this with everyone. The Emotion Code is so beautifully simple and can be done from any distance. Please contact me if you'd like to feel again.

In much love and light,

P.S. The Emotion Code can be used to relieve physical pain and any emotional trauma you have experienced. Everyone has trapped emotions. Everyone can benefit.

November 16, 2011

The Emotion Code

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Two days in a row! Are you impressed? You should be! :)

I have mentioned the Emotion Code (EC) before when I was talking about 9/11. In my opinion what it does for me blows EFT out of the water!

In a nutshell, we have all had experiences that are very emotionally charged. Often our bodies don't know what to do with these emotions so they get stuck. They are like little balls of energy trapping proper flow of our energy. They can interfere with our lives in so many ways, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. The more instances of a particular emotion, like anger, we get trapped the more we resignate with that emotion. Then we find ourselves feeling that emotion more often.

EC uses simple muscle testing and a chart of 60 emotions to pinpoint the trapped emotion. We then find out if we need to know more. You don't even need to say out loud what you think caused the emotion. When we find out what we need to know we release the emotion. It is literally impossible for that particular instance to ever return!

We also have this amazing ability to build emotional walls around our hearts. Sadly this is a very common experience. These are called heart walls. I myself have one. I have done much work to eliminate it and each time I feel tons better. I am a little anxious to find out how it feels to live without this wall.

I wish I could have each of you experience the true peace that comes after emotions are released. It's so weird. I have had what I refer to as spiritual highs after things like EFT or amazing experiences. The thing is that a person must come down from a high. This peace isn't a high. It's a weird sort of calmness, but so wonderful.

This is such a wonderful gift to the world that I chose to become certified. I am still in the process. I have to have so many client sessions before I can qualify. If you are interested let me know. (I can't charge until I am certified, so really there is literally nothing to lose except a few trapped emotions!)

I know that this blog doesn't do EC justice. I trust that you will know if it is right for you. Dr. Bradley Nelson wrote a book called The Emotion Code if you want to check it out for yourself.

In love and light,

November 15, 2011

Be Who You Are

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I have wanted to blog and then I get busy. I then forgot what my subjects would be. This last little while has had so many aha's and I am loving it. I love knowing why I am me.

So let me tell you some of the cool things that have been happening since discovering the real me. I have been able to get more focused on school. I had a wish list for 2011 which had "meet Christopher Westra" at the top. In defining what that looked like I realized that I wanted to be his friend. Well I haven't met him yet but we're facebook friends. :)

Most important to me is that I have finally started getting some answers. I have been praying for years about some subjects. It feels so good to start getting the answers and feeling some peace about life again.

I believe they are related to knowing my truth. Well, more importantly it's about not forcing myself to be something I am not. I don't like being "bubbly" when I'm around strangers and yet I was forcing myself. It was a costume I put on that didn't serve me. I can be quite bubbly when I am comfortable in my surroundings and there is noone else who wants/needs to be the center of attention. I can't stand steeling the limelight from others.

It makes sense that if we are caught up in faking who we are then the things we are seeking in our life can't get in. There isn't room for them. The space that they would flow into are filled with our costumes.

Sadly, there are times when we have to be what we don't want to be. The more I get in touch with me and my real desires, the more I realize that I just want to be what I have always wanted. I want to be a stay at home mom. Current circumstances don't allow for that, so I trudge forward. At least I can be more careful about my choices so that I can get as much mom time as I can.

My hope for you is that you figure out what costumes you wear. Most likely they aren't serving you and it's probably time to take them off. Life gets better when you are being yourself.

With much love,
Michele, the one who remembered how much she really does care about other people.

October 25, 2011

WOW the "new" me

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Dear readers,

What a trip!!! As much as I love Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth program I have never felt settled with myself. I kept forcing myself into a mold that didn't fit. It was like putting a square peg into a round hole.

Believe it or not type 1 is actually my second! It turns out that I am a type 2! I can see why some of my way of being could be perceived as a type 1.

I now know why I needed to know why!!! So many aha's have been coming my way as I learn to see where I show up as a type 2 all over the place. I may not always choose physical comfort but I will always do my best to create comfort in the room I am in. I just didn't realize that is what it was!

It is truly my desire to have everyone find the aha's for themselves. I can't make anyone want to know their truth. I can't make everyone dress their truth. I can want it for you. Please click on the links to learn more. Read "It's Just My Nature" and "Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile" It is so amazing to finally be able to be me completely!

Lots of love to you all,


September 11, 2011

Dressing Your Truth

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As an Interior Designer I learned about the principles and elements of design. It seems to me that the fashion world has been teaching us the principles of dress for years. Along with some myths. We usually know what to wear to a business meeting, what to wear to church, school, etc. There are so many options within each category of clothes. It can be quite overwhelming. Carol has brought us a great tool. She has taught us the elements of dress.

People who choose to follow Carol's recommendations and counsel have found that she's right on the nail for the elements of each type. Some people get angry because there are only 4 categories and they feel that there should be more, or less restrictions in choosing clothes. The truth is that we could break down each type into smaller categories. The reason not to is that it doesn't affect the 5 elements of dress. As for restrictions it doesn't even feel restrictive when you are actually doing it. It finally feels like "home" in your clothes.

We have been told, by Carol, to find our own style. We get our 5 basic elements that we then can apply to any environment or occasion. When we stick to our elements we always look fantastic. I love knowing what to wear! People aren't really surprised when I get animated about a subject because the clothes I wear are in harmony with my personality.

Have you ever seen someone dressed very animated and when you talk to them you find them to be a very still person or not as fun as you thought they might be. You probably don't know why something is off about them but you do know that something is off. How about someone dressed very “professional” who then starts goofing off? If they were dressed in a brighter professional attire wouldn't you find it easier to accept the goofing?

Ok with that said here are my 5 tips for making this work.

Jump right in. I have noticed that a lot of people will only partially give it a try. Maybe you don't want to get rid of what doesn't work. That's ok with me as long as you are willing to pack it away for a while. In my opinion you need to give it at least 3 months, although the 30 day challenge will suffice. People who are dressing their truth can really tell when they are wearing something that doesn't work. I have known so many women who would only half try. Most of those women have stopped dressing their truth. They wouldn't even give it a 30 day try. How can they truly know the difference this program makes if they aren't willing to test it?

Get your hair right. This particular part of any look is key. I can be totally dressing my truth except for my hair and immediately I will look and feel depressed or ill. I have also looked quite harsh and possibly mean with the wrong look.

Get your face right. If you refuse to wear make-up then so be it. I respect that. If you are going to wear make-up it needs to be right. Sometimes we use colors that may be right but not necessary in the right way. Other times we can get colors we think that are right but may be slightly off. This can make a huge difference. If you are certain your clothes and hair are right but something feels off then check your face. :) Little details can be so huge.

Remember to create your own style. I personally have a secondary 3. I can't stand to add elements from the 3s into my dress. It feels bulky and heavy. Other type 1s are perfectly happy adding some of those elements. One of my type 1 friends can't stand to wear a skirt and yet I am happiest in a skirt. Some people prefer to dress more professional and some more casual. Find your style. It may even change as you move through life.

If you ever feel like you aren't as spectacular as you once were start again. Some types don't have as many problems with this. Others like myself may start questioning things. I have questioned because I can relate so well to some aspects of the type 3s, then I start wondering maybe I really am a 3, after all I am really well blended. I have started to question the whole program when I am in school and they are requiring a certain dress to be “professional” and in my current weight and financial situation I am struggling to find the right look. Then I start trying to convince myself it doesn't matter. During these times I find it most helpful to reacquaint myself with the information. Seeing another type 1 present on Carol's program reminds me of how type 1 I am, and I remember how good it feels to dress just right.

With all of the information the most important thing is the wow factor. When I look in the mirror and think, “Wow, I really am pretty.” I know I have it right. Now after a while you may not have quite the wow but you should be able to say, “Yep there I am looking hot again!” If you doubt your appearance then something isn't right! Even at weights we aren't pleased with we can still see that we look pretty good where we are when we dress our truth.

I know this got pretty long. I just really wanted to share about this fantastic program. There are links to the right for dressing your truth and the 7 fashion myths. Energy Profiling is about finding out your type. I hope if you aren't already dressing your truth you give it a whirl. You'll thank me.

In love and light,


911 ten years later

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Dear friends,

I am feeling much today and felt I needed to write. I know it has been a long time since I wrote. One day I may be more consistent.

10 years ago I was also in school. I remember walking through a building on my usual route to class. There were people gathered around TVs which was so unusual in this building. I had an inkling something was up but I was focused on getting to where I needed to go. Somehow along the way to class I started to get an inkling of the events. I then found another TV near by and stopped in with the crowd to watch the second airplane to crash into the tower. Shock was all that could be felt in that moment.

The rest of my days story is not important at this time. In the weeks to follow I did my best to avoid the news. I tried to focus on the miracles that had kept so many away from those places that day.

Ten years later I look back with greater understanding of why I reacted the way I did. I have mentioned Dressing Your Truth. For me the most important part is knowing I am a Type 1, Bright and Animated. I have learned that I have a need to keep things light and uplifted.

I have also learned that I am an Empath. The largest significance of this is knowing that I don't just feel my own feelings I feel the feelings of those around me. Think back to all the heavy feelings that were being felt at that time. My poor being was bombarded with feelings contributing to my own feelings.

That day ten years I ago I didn't know there were methods to assist us in processing our feelings. Today, I can "Rest" for the whole of the situation, I can tap using EFT and my latest tool is releasing emotions with the Emotion Code (TEC).

Through TEC I learned that I had trapped the emotion of "shock" from 2001. Releasing this emotion had huge impact on my life. It was like the brick that came between me and God. I never completely lost faith and yet I started pulling away from Him. I never knew that this event had impacted my personal life so greatly.

Today it is my intention to feel the emotions and release them. It is my intention to release the emotions from years ago. I feel gratitude as I also feel remorse.

May God bless you this day,

June 14, 2011

Are you whole?

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Two weeks in a row? Good job me!

I have, of course, read a lot of books. Some of this is because I enjoy reading these books and some of this is because I have felt like I wasn't whole. One thing that has struck me more than once, it takes a bit sometimes to fully get into my head, is the thought that I am whole and always have been.

When you think about it, when we are trying to become whole, what we are often trying to do is fill some perceived hole. We have an idea of what we should be. Most often this is influenced by family, culture, and the like. We then go around seeing all the places that we aren't what we "should be". We start thinking we are broken or not whole.

Consider the possibility that you are already whole. I wasn't born the most organized person on the block, does this mean I am not whole? I think not. I have other skills that a person born organized may not have. I was made the way I am for a reason. I have skills that are needed for my life missions.

Instead of looking at myself as missing something, I should be looking at the great skills I have. It doesn't mean I can't learn new things. It does mean that if I work and work at a new skill and just can't get it then I shouldn't be beating myself up. Instead I could find a partner of some kind to do that thing.

We are whole as we are. We can grow but we do not likely have missing parts. We may be pulled towards a skill that seems hard but that in reality is a part of us we didn't know exist. We may be pulled to that really hard thing because someone gave us the idea that we have to be that way to be a good person. This is when it isn't good.

I hope I am making sense today. I don't think I have adequately addressed the subject, and hope that you take from this at least a part of what I want to express.

In love and light,
Michele Lewis

Staying true to truth.

June 08, 2011

FLYing again

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Hi there,

I don't know why I ever say I am going to be consistent. I know that it's not likely to happen. I felt inspired to get out my FlyLady book again. I don't know if it's because the weather is getting better or what but I started again.

I realized I had an issue with using the words "control journal" mine is called "Success Companion" because of this issue. I don't like to be controlled and so putting that word in there was creating a real problem for me.

My problem with the FlyLady system is rather simple. I don't like the "my way or the highway" attitude. She seems to think that there are 2 types of people, born organized and not. Well I guess this is true in a way. She thinks her answer is the answer to all not born organized people, doing it exactly her way. I think there are 4 types of people in general.

Two of the types lean towards being organized naturally and if they are in balance they would benefit from the Fly system mostly by learning a few tips to add to their natural systems. If they are out of balance with their true nature then the Fly system could help them get into balance with who they are. *A note to one of those types, you'll know who you are, is to not get carried away tossing, at least not without making sure it doesn't belong someone else or will be needed in a bit even though it's not used now.

The other two types lean towards being disorganized but they do it in different ways and for different reasons. I'm the kind that if it's not fun I won't do it. There are others that may put things off because they feel a need to know more before they continue. There may be countless other reasons for being disorganized. Either way the system could be very useful for them.

I sometimes need to change her system. I don't like doing the same all the time, and I don't find it fun to be told exactly what and how to do something. When I tried flying before I felt like I was cleaning all the time, worse then before. I have a lot of little kids and so "hotspots" were horrible. This time I live with my mom and so I am limited on what I can do. I'm a spontaneous person by nature so even "routines" are a challenge for me and I rarely do them in "order". I'm just pleased with myself if I get all or at least most done.

I added a success log to my book, this is where I write what great things I have done in the day. This is helpful for me to see what I have done and kinda pat myself on the back. If this helps you then go for it.

How I have been making it fun for me is by seeing how long a project will take with only doing it a few minutes each day. I also am having fun figuring out what I can do in a zone that is mostly my mom's. It's kind of a challenge and because of my secondary nature this is enjoyable to me. I am still working on learning to keep it light and carefree as that is my truth and without it I am out of balance.

Well today wasn't a wow here's what I learned message. Some might even see it as a whine. I don't see it as whining as much as explaining. I'm still doing what needs to be done. Really I'm just sharing my perspective and hoping you will find what you need in here. I'm one for gleaning truth and useful information from wherever I can find it. One day I hope to create a system that will address each type and what they may need to get a harmonious environment and stay true to themselves. We'll see.

In love and light,

P.S. I've been working on creating a "brand" and such. I pretty much have my tagline I'm just not yet ready to share it. I will share my mission statement with you though. "To stay true to truth."

April 16, 2011

It's about who I am!

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Hey guys and gals,

So I got swamped with finals and didn’t get a break between semesters. With spring finally here I am feeling ready to go again, YAY! Funny that I am starting up again during finals month, where I quit during finals, LOL. I have learned to just go with what feels right.

Recently I decided I wanted to meet someone that writes emails about prosperity and such. Immediately I decided I didn’t want to meet him because I was experiencing embarrassment at not being prosperous. I know so much about beliefs you’d think I’d have them cleared and empowered. This same man sent a link to some free videos on becoming a life coach. I have wanted to do this for years and even tried it once so I was interested. It has really taught me a lot.

One thing I learned was about finding your niche. Wow, how huge that was for me. I had leaned towards finding a niche already but I realized I have nothing to be embarrassed about. I have spent my time these last few years learning who I am. I know that I am a bright and animated type 1 by Carol Tuttle’s system. I know that my personality layer in my aura is blue with a crystal overlay. I even know that I am a water by Chinese personality classifications. I know how being first born and having childhood trauma assisted me in creating personalities. I know my love language. I know my purpose, my passion and some of my missions. Recently I have even learned that indeed Michele has dreams! That was huge. Well, I knew I had some like becoming a life coach and writing a book but I have others too. I learned I even want to travel! Who knew?

So for now I am planning to write about this information that I know and as I learn more I will add to it. I believe I am actually ready now that I know who I am to use it to take the next steps and prosperity is one of those steps. It’s an interesting space to be in. I feel such excitement as I am on the verge of change.
In love and light,

Michele Lewis
*Remember to love. Create harmony inside and out!*

Michele Lewis, Identity Specialist, helping you discover who you are, why you are here, and how to finally live and create the life of your dreams!