April 16, 2011

It's about who I am!

This was imported and updated from another blog I did.

Hey guys and gals,

So I got swamped with finals and didn’t get a break between semesters. With spring finally here I am feeling ready to go again, YAY! Funny that I am starting up again during finals month, where I quit during finals, LOL. I have learned to just go with what feels right.

Recently I decided I wanted to meet someone that writes emails about prosperity and such. Immediately I decided I didn’t want to meet him because I was experiencing embarrassment at not being prosperous. I know so much about beliefs you’d think I’d have them cleared and empowered. This same man sent a link to some free videos on becoming a life coach. I have wanted to do this for years and even tried it once so I was interested. It has really taught me a lot.

One thing I learned was about finding your niche. Wow, how huge that was for me. I had leaned towards finding a niche already but I realized I have nothing to be embarrassed about. I have spent my time these last few years learning who I am. I know that I am a bright and animated type 1 by Carol Tuttle’s system. I know that my personality layer in my aura is blue with a crystal overlay. I even know that I am a water by Chinese personality classifications. I know how being first born and having childhood trauma assisted me in creating personalities. I know my love language. I know my purpose, my passion and some of my missions. Recently I have even learned that indeed Michele has dreams! That was huge. Well, I knew I had some like becoming a life coach and writing a book but I have others too. I learned I even want to travel! Who knew?

So for now I am planning to write about this information that I know and as I learn more I will add to it. I believe I am actually ready now that I know who I am to use it to take the next steps and prosperity is one of those steps. It’s an interesting space to be in. I feel such excitement as I am on the verge of change.
In love and light,

Michele Lewis
*Remember to love. Create harmony inside and out!*

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