June 14, 2011

Are you whole?

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Two weeks in a row? Good job me!

I have, of course, read a lot of books. Some of this is because I enjoy reading these books and some of this is because I have felt like I wasn't whole. One thing that has struck me more than once, it takes a bit sometimes to fully get into my head, is the thought that I am whole and always have been.

When you think about it, when we are trying to become whole, what we are often trying to do is fill some perceived hole. We have an idea of what we should be. Most often this is influenced by family, culture, and the like. We then go around seeing all the places that we aren't what we "should be". We start thinking we are broken or not whole.

Consider the possibility that you are already whole. I wasn't born the most organized person on the block, does this mean I am not whole? I think not. I have other skills that a person born organized may not have. I was made the way I am for a reason. I have skills that are needed for my life missions.

Instead of looking at myself as missing something, I should be looking at the great skills I have. It doesn't mean I can't learn new things. It does mean that if I work and work at a new skill and just can't get it then I shouldn't be beating myself up. Instead I could find a partner of some kind to do that thing.

We are whole as we are. We can grow but we do not likely have missing parts. We may be pulled towards a skill that seems hard but that in reality is a part of us we didn't know exist. We may be pulled to that really hard thing because someone gave us the idea that we have to be that way to be a good person. This is when it isn't good.

I hope I am making sense today. I don't think I have adequately addressed the subject, and hope that you take from this at least a part of what I want to express.

In love and light,
Michele Lewis

Staying true to truth.

June 08, 2011

FLYing again

This was imported and updated from another blog I did.

Hi there,

I don't know why I ever say I am going to be consistent. I know that it's not likely to happen. I felt inspired to get out my FlyLady book again. I don't know if it's because the weather is getting better or what but I started again.

I realized I had an issue with using the words "control journal" mine is called "Success Companion" because of this issue. I don't like to be controlled and so putting that word in there was creating a real problem for me.

My problem with the FlyLady system is rather simple. I don't like the "my way or the highway" attitude. She seems to think that there are 2 types of people, born organized and not. Well I guess this is true in a way. She thinks her answer is the answer to all not born organized people, doing it exactly her way. I think there are 4 types of people in general.

Two of the types lean towards being organized naturally and if they are in balance they would benefit from the Fly system mostly by learning a few tips to add to their natural systems. If they are out of balance with their true nature then the Fly system could help them get into balance with who they are. *A note to one of those types, you'll know who you are, is to not get carried away tossing, at least not without making sure it doesn't belong someone else or will be needed in a bit even though it's not used now.

The other two types lean towards being disorganized but they do it in different ways and for different reasons. I'm the kind that if it's not fun I won't do it. There are others that may put things off because they feel a need to know more before they continue. There may be countless other reasons for being disorganized. Either way the system could be very useful for them.

I sometimes need to change her system. I don't like doing the same all the time, and I don't find it fun to be told exactly what and how to do something. When I tried flying before I felt like I was cleaning all the time, worse then before. I have a lot of little kids and so "hotspots" were horrible. This time I live with my mom and so I am limited on what I can do. I'm a spontaneous person by nature so even "routines" are a challenge for me and I rarely do them in "order". I'm just pleased with myself if I get all or at least most done.

I added a success log to my book, this is where I write what great things I have done in the day. This is helpful for me to see what I have done and kinda pat myself on the back. If this helps you then go for it.

How I have been making it fun for me is by seeing how long a project will take with only doing it a few minutes each day. I also am having fun figuring out what I can do in a zone that is mostly my mom's. It's kind of a challenge and because of my secondary nature this is enjoyable to me. I am still working on learning to keep it light and carefree as that is my truth and without it I am out of balance.

Well today wasn't a wow here's what I learned message. Some might even see it as a whine. I don't see it as whining as much as explaining. I'm still doing what needs to be done. Really I'm just sharing my perspective and hoping you will find what you need in here. I'm one for gleaning truth and useful information from wherever I can find it. One day I hope to create a system that will address each type and what they may need to get a harmonious environment and stay true to themselves. We'll see.

In love and light,

P.S. I've been working on creating a "brand" and such. I pretty much have my tagline I'm just not yet ready to share it. I will share my mission statement with you though. "To stay true to truth."

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