September 11, 2011

Dressing Your Truth

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As an Interior Designer I learned about the principles and elements of design. It seems to me that the fashion world has been teaching us the principles of dress for years. Along with some myths. We usually know what to wear to a business meeting, what to wear to church, school, etc. There are so many options within each category of clothes. It can be quite overwhelming. Carol has brought us a great tool. She has taught us the elements of dress.

People who choose to follow Carol's recommendations and counsel have found that she's right on the nail for the elements of each type. Some people get angry because there are only 4 categories and they feel that there should be more, or less restrictions in choosing clothes. The truth is that we could break down each type into smaller categories. The reason not to is that it doesn't affect the 5 elements of dress. As for restrictions it doesn't even feel restrictive when you are actually doing it. It finally feels like "home" in your clothes.

We have been told, by Carol, to find our own style. We get our 5 basic elements that we then can apply to any environment or occasion. When we stick to our elements we always look fantastic. I love knowing what to wear! People aren't really surprised when I get animated about a subject because the clothes I wear are in harmony with my personality.

Have you ever seen someone dressed very animated and when you talk to them you find them to be a very still person or not as fun as you thought they might be. You probably don't know why something is off about them but you do know that something is off. How about someone dressed very “professional” who then starts goofing off? If they were dressed in a brighter professional attire wouldn't you find it easier to accept the goofing?

Ok with that said here are my 5 tips for making this work.

Jump right in. I have noticed that a lot of people will only partially give it a try. Maybe you don't want to get rid of what doesn't work. That's ok with me as long as you are willing to pack it away for a while. In my opinion you need to give it at least 3 months, although the 30 day challenge will suffice. People who are dressing their truth can really tell when they are wearing something that doesn't work. I have known so many women who would only half try. Most of those women have stopped dressing their truth. They wouldn't even give it a 30 day try. How can they truly know the difference this program makes if they aren't willing to test it?

Get your hair right. This particular part of any look is key. I can be totally dressing my truth except for my hair and immediately I will look and feel depressed or ill. I have also looked quite harsh and possibly mean with the wrong look.

Get your face right. If you refuse to wear make-up then so be it. I respect that. If you are going to wear make-up it needs to be right. Sometimes we use colors that may be right but not necessary in the right way. Other times we can get colors we think that are right but may be slightly off. This can make a huge difference. If you are certain your clothes and hair are right but something feels off then check your face. :) Little details can be so huge.

Remember to create your own style. I personally have a secondary 3. I can't stand to add elements from the 3s into my dress. It feels bulky and heavy. Other type 1s are perfectly happy adding some of those elements. One of my type 1 friends can't stand to wear a skirt and yet I am happiest in a skirt. Some people prefer to dress more professional and some more casual. Find your style. It may even change as you move through life.

If you ever feel like you aren't as spectacular as you once were start again. Some types don't have as many problems with this. Others like myself may start questioning things. I have questioned because I can relate so well to some aspects of the type 3s, then I start wondering maybe I really am a 3, after all I am really well blended. I have started to question the whole program when I am in school and they are requiring a certain dress to be “professional” and in my current weight and financial situation I am struggling to find the right look. Then I start trying to convince myself it doesn't matter. During these times I find it most helpful to reacquaint myself with the information. Seeing another type 1 present on Carol's program reminds me of how type 1 I am, and I remember how good it feels to dress just right.

With all of the information the most important thing is the wow factor. When I look in the mirror and think, “Wow, I really am pretty.” I know I have it right. Now after a while you may not have quite the wow but you should be able to say, “Yep there I am looking hot again!” If you doubt your appearance then something isn't right! Even at weights we aren't pleased with we can still see that we look pretty good where we are when we dress our truth.

I know this got pretty long. I just really wanted to share about this fantastic program. There are links to the right for dressing your truth and the 7 fashion myths. Energy Profiling is about finding out your type. I hope if you aren't already dressing your truth you give it a whirl. You'll thank me.

In love and light,


911 ten years later

This was imported and updated from another blog I did.

Dear friends,

I am feeling much today and felt I needed to write. I know it has been a long time since I wrote. One day I may be more consistent.

10 years ago I was also in school. I remember walking through a building on my usual route to class. There were people gathered around TVs which was so unusual in this building. I had an inkling something was up but I was focused on getting to where I needed to go. Somehow along the way to class I started to get an inkling of the events. I then found another TV near by and stopped in with the crowd to watch the second airplane to crash into the tower. Shock was all that could be felt in that moment.

The rest of my days story is not important at this time. In the weeks to follow I did my best to avoid the news. I tried to focus on the miracles that had kept so many away from those places that day.

Ten years later I look back with greater understanding of why I reacted the way I did. I have mentioned Dressing Your Truth. For me the most important part is knowing I am a Type 1, Bright and Animated. I have learned that I have a need to keep things light and uplifted.

I have also learned that I am an Empath. The largest significance of this is knowing that I don't just feel my own feelings I feel the feelings of those around me. Think back to all the heavy feelings that were being felt at that time. My poor being was bombarded with feelings contributing to my own feelings.

That day ten years I ago I didn't know there were methods to assist us in processing our feelings. Today, I can "Rest" for the whole of the situation, I can tap using EFT and my latest tool is releasing emotions with the Emotion Code (TEC).

Through TEC I learned that I had trapped the emotion of "shock" from 2001. Releasing this emotion had huge impact on my life. It was like the brick that came between me and God. I never completely lost faith and yet I started pulling away from Him. I never knew that this event had impacted my personal life so greatly.

Today it is my intention to feel the emotions and release them. It is my intention to release the emotions from years ago. I feel gratitude as I also feel remorse.

May God bless you this day,

Michele Lewis, Identity Specialist, helping you discover who you are, why you are here, and how to finally live and create the life of your dreams!