September 11, 2011

911 ten years later

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Dear friends,

I am feeling much today and felt I needed to write. I know it has been a long time since I wrote. One day I may be more consistent.

10 years ago I was also in school. I remember walking through a building on my usual route to class. There were people gathered around TVs which was so unusual in this building. I had an inkling something was up but I was focused on getting to where I needed to go. Somehow along the way to class I started to get an inkling of the events. I then found another TV near by and stopped in with the crowd to watch the second airplane to crash into the tower. Shock was all that could be felt in that moment.

The rest of my days story is not important at this time. In the weeks to follow I did my best to avoid the news. I tried to focus on the miracles that had kept so many away from those places that day.

Ten years later I look back with greater understanding of why I reacted the way I did. I have mentioned Dressing Your Truth. For me the most important part is knowing I am a Type 1, Bright and Animated. I have learned that I have a need to keep things light and uplifted.

I have also learned that I am an Empath. The largest significance of this is knowing that I don't just feel my own feelings I feel the feelings of those around me. Think back to all the heavy feelings that were being felt at that time. My poor being was bombarded with feelings contributing to my own feelings.

That day ten years I ago I didn't know there were methods to assist us in processing our feelings. Today, I can "Rest" for the whole of the situation, I can tap using EFT and my latest tool is releasing emotions with the Emotion Code (TEC).

Through TEC I learned that I had trapped the emotion of "shock" from 2001. Releasing this emotion had huge impact on my life. It was like the brick that came between me and God. I never completely lost faith and yet I started pulling away from Him. I never knew that this event had impacted my personal life so greatly.

Today it is my intention to feel the emotions and release them. It is my intention to release the emotions from years ago. I feel gratitude as I also feel remorse.

May God bless you this day,

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