November 30, 2011

How The Emotion Code can help you and in turn help me

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Dear Readers,

This has become a subject I am quite passionate about. I want to make a difference in your life and in the world. I know that The Emotion Code can do that.

Here is some information that I hope can give you better insight into the benefits of this tool.

  • The majority of all illness and injury will have at least one trapped emotion involved. (Well over 90%) It may have attracted the injury/illness or it may be preventing you from healing. We all know that people who have more positive outlooks will heal faster. I have seen where people and a dog have had miraculously fast healing and even instant pain relief just by releasing an emotion or two.
  • A phobia will always have at least one trapped emotion causing it.
  • Our conscious thoughts are only about 10% of what we send out into the universe. The majority of the subconscious thought is influenced by these trapped emotions. Releasing the trapped emotion has enabled many to experience much better things coming back to them.
  • 90% of people have a heart wall. You can know that you have a heart wall if you can't find love, lose love quickly, aren't attracting prosperity or abundance, in any of it's forms, and many other reasons.
  • We can inherit trapped emotions through our DNA so even babies can have trapped emotions and heart walls.
Releasing trapped emotions is surprisingly simple. It doesn't take much time and is not invasive in any way. We can release emotions from specific problems, such as injuries or illness. We can release emotions from events we know are emotionally charged. We can specifically address the heart wall. We can ask if there are emotions stopping you from losing weight, attracting money, etc. Pretty much any reason and in any aspect of life we can check for and release trapped emotions.

Releasing these emotions doesn't guarantee healing or attracting what you want. I have yet to see a time where it didn't have at least some benefits. If you are seeing a doctor and/or are on medications and/or supplements you would want to stay on and/or discuss quitting with those professionals qualified to do so. I would not say this trumps any other healing method, however, I would say it makes an excellent companion worth at least trying.

How you can help me is by becoming my client. I am currently working on the certification for this amazing emotional clearing program. I need to have so many clients before I can become certified.

The following is what you can expect as my client:
  • I will need to know your first name and preferably your last. I can work without the last name.
  • I will need to know your age, for the records and for pinpointing an age when it was trapped when that is necessary.
  • I would benefit from knowing your location but it isn't necessary.
  • We could work in person or through email.
  • You wouldn't have to tell me anything about the emotions or experiences that are pinpointed. This part is more for your benefit if your subconscious sees a reason for you to become consciously aware of it.
  • You would give me permission to work on you and I would reply with what was cleared and any information that is needed.
  • Until I am certified all sessions must be free to you. Your "payment" is assisting me in my certification.
  • Everyone experiences up to 48 hours of processing. Only 20% of the time do we notice the processing. Processing can look like, but is not limited to, needing more sleep, emotional ups and downs, and I personally have experienced a need to eat sooner than I would have (only a couple of times and I figure it was like when you are tired and need more food to give you energy.)
  • I would appreciate feedback on your experience but it isn't required. If I use your feedback it would be without names unless you specifically gave permission to use it.
  • I would never divulge any personal information.
I would appreciate your help and the opportunity for me to help you. The way I see it is that you have nothing to lose except a few trapped emotions. What would be the harm in giving it a go? If it didn't work for you then it would have been a couple of emails or a few minutes of your time. If it did work it could make a huge world of difference in your life.

To begin sessions with me you can email me at: You may also contact me through facebook or other private message methods.

With love and light,

November 24, 2011

The Heart Wall

This was imported and updated from another blog I did.

Dear readers,

Lately has been amazing! I have mentioned the emotion code. I can't stop singing it's praises. I have done quite a few healing techniques but I have never noticed such a profound change as with this one.

I wanted to share with you about the heart wall. You probably know that hearts are tender things. Did you know that they have actually proven that hearts hold memory? There are some of us, like myself, that have extremely tender hearts. We were meant to come to earth to love, be loved and teach love. It is quite the calling and makes our hearts especially sensitive.

As a part of my call to teach love I am learning to free people from the bonds they put around their hearts in an effort to protect their hearts. It is believed that 90% of the population has a heart wall. Chances are if you have ever felt severe heart ache you have created a heart wall.

What is a heart wall? Trapped emotions. When emotions are too much and the heart can't handle it they get trapped around the heart creating a wall. The wall can be of varying sizes and have many forms of imagery that represent it. This is all in an effort to keep the heart from getting hurt.

What happens when you put something inside a wall? That thing can't get hurt as nothing can get in but it also can't express itself because nothing can get out. We cannot love, truly love if we have locked our hearts behind a wall. Along with that God can't get it. He longs to help us and love us but we have locked him out. He enters through our hearts so when they have been closed off he can't get in.

I haven't, as of writing this, completely cleared my heart wall. I have cleared much. In so doing I have found myself caring about things again. I have felt grateful at this holiday time, I don't remember if I have ever felt such gratitude before. I am excited for Christmas. It once was my favorite holiday and yet in the last few years I have found no joy in the lights that I used to love, or wrapping gifts as I used to. This year I find the lights so beautiful. I find the spirit of the season already descending on me in a beautiful spirit.

I want to share this with everyone. The Emotion Code is so beautifully simple and can be done from any distance. Please contact me if you'd like to feel again.

In much love and light,

P.S. The Emotion Code can be used to relieve physical pain and any emotional trauma you have experienced. Everyone has trapped emotions. Everyone can benefit.

November 16, 2011

The Emotion Code

This was imported and updated from another blog I did.

Two days in a row! Are you impressed? You should be! :)

I have mentioned the Emotion Code (EC) before when I was talking about 9/11. In my opinion what it does for me blows EFT out of the water!

In a nutshell, we have all had experiences that are very emotionally charged. Often our bodies don't know what to do with these emotions so they get stuck. They are like little balls of energy trapping proper flow of our energy. They can interfere with our lives in so many ways, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. The more instances of a particular emotion, like anger, we get trapped the more we resignate with that emotion. Then we find ourselves feeling that emotion more often.

EC uses simple muscle testing and a chart of 60 emotions to pinpoint the trapped emotion. We then find out if we need to know more. You don't even need to say out loud what you think caused the emotion. When we find out what we need to know we release the emotion. It is literally impossible for that particular instance to ever return!

We also have this amazing ability to build emotional walls around our hearts. Sadly this is a very common experience. These are called heart walls. I myself have one. I have done much work to eliminate it and each time I feel tons better. I am a little anxious to find out how it feels to live without this wall.

I wish I could have each of you experience the true peace that comes after emotions are released. It's so weird. I have had what I refer to as spiritual highs after things like EFT or amazing experiences. The thing is that a person must come down from a high. This peace isn't a high. It's a weird sort of calmness, but so wonderful.

This is such a wonderful gift to the world that I chose to become certified. I am still in the process. I have to have so many client sessions before I can qualify. If you are interested let me know. (I can't charge until I am certified, so really there is literally nothing to lose except a few trapped emotions!)

I know that this blog doesn't do EC justice. I trust that you will know if it is right for you. Dr. Bradley Nelson wrote a book called The Emotion Code if you want to check it out for yourself.

In love and light,

November 15, 2011

Be Who You Are

This was imported and updated from another blog I did.


I have wanted to blog and then I get busy. I then forgot what my subjects would be. This last little while has had so many aha's and I am loving it. I love knowing why I am me.

So let me tell you some of the cool things that have been happening since discovering the real me. I have been able to get more focused on school. I had a wish list for 2011 which had "meet Christopher Westra" at the top. In defining what that looked like I realized that I wanted to be his friend. Well I haven't met him yet but we're facebook friends. :)

Most important to me is that I have finally started getting some answers. I have been praying for years about some subjects. It feels so good to start getting the answers and feeling some peace about life again.

I believe they are related to knowing my truth. Well, more importantly it's about not forcing myself to be something I am not. I don't like being "bubbly" when I'm around strangers and yet I was forcing myself. It was a costume I put on that didn't serve me. I can be quite bubbly when I am comfortable in my surroundings and there is noone else who wants/needs to be the center of attention. I can't stand steeling the limelight from others.

It makes sense that if we are caught up in faking who we are then the things we are seeking in our life can't get in. There isn't room for them. The space that they would flow into are filled with our costumes.

Sadly, there are times when we have to be what we don't want to be. The more I get in touch with me and my real desires, the more I realize that I just want to be what I have always wanted. I want to be a stay at home mom. Current circumstances don't allow for that, so I trudge forward. At least I can be more careful about my choices so that I can get as much mom time as I can.

My hope for you is that you figure out what costumes you wear. Most likely they aren't serving you and it's probably time to take them off. Life gets better when you are being yourself.

With much love,
Michele, the one who remembered how much she really does care about other people.

Michele Lewis, Identity Specialist, helping you discover who you are, why you are here, and how to finally live and create the life of your dreams!