November 15, 2011

Be Who You Are

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I have wanted to blog and then I get busy. I then forgot what my subjects would be. This last little while has had so many aha's and I am loving it. I love knowing why I am me.

So let me tell you some of the cool things that have been happening since discovering the real me. I have been able to get more focused on school. I had a wish list for 2011 which had "meet Christopher Westra" at the top. In defining what that looked like I realized that I wanted to be his friend. Well I haven't met him yet but we're facebook friends. :)

Most important to me is that I have finally started getting some answers. I have been praying for years about some subjects. It feels so good to start getting the answers and feeling some peace about life again.

I believe they are related to knowing my truth. Well, more importantly it's about not forcing myself to be something I am not. I don't like being "bubbly" when I'm around strangers and yet I was forcing myself. It was a costume I put on that didn't serve me. I can be quite bubbly when I am comfortable in my surroundings and there is noone else who wants/needs to be the center of attention. I can't stand steeling the limelight from others.

It makes sense that if we are caught up in faking who we are then the things we are seeking in our life can't get in. There isn't room for them. The space that they would flow into are filled with our costumes.

Sadly, there are times when we have to be what we don't want to be. The more I get in touch with me and my real desires, the more I realize that I just want to be what I have always wanted. I want to be a stay at home mom. Current circumstances don't allow for that, so I trudge forward. At least I can be more careful about my choices so that I can get as much mom time as I can.

My hope for you is that you figure out what costumes you wear. Most likely they aren't serving you and it's probably time to take them off. Life gets better when you are being yourself.

With much love,
Michele, the one who remembered how much she really does care about other people.

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