November 30, 2011

How The Emotion Code can help you and in turn help me

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Dear Readers,

This has become a subject I am quite passionate about. I want to make a difference in your life and in the world. I know that The Emotion Code can do that.

Here is some information that I hope can give you better insight into the benefits of this tool.

  • The majority of all illness and injury will have at least one trapped emotion involved. (Well over 90%) It may have attracted the injury/illness or it may be preventing you from healing. We all know that people who have more positive outlooks will heal faster. I have seen where people and a dog have had miraculously fast healing and even instant pain relief just by releasing an emotion or two.
  • A phobia will always have at least one trapped emotion causing it.
  • Our conscious thoughts are only about 10% of what we send out into the universe. The majority of the subconscious thought is influenced by these trapped emotions. Releasing the trapped emotion has enabled many to experience much better things coming back to them.
  • 90% of people have a heart wall. You can know that you have a heart wall if you can't find love, lose love quickly, aren't attracting prosperity or abundance, in any of it's forms, and many other reasons.
  • We can inherit trapped emotions through our DNA so even babies can have trapped emotions and heart walls.
Releasing trapped emotions is surprisingly simple. It doesn't take much time and is not invasive in any way. We can release emotions from specific problems, such as injuries or illness. We can release emotions from events we know are emotionally charged. We can specifically address the heart wall. We can ask if there are emotions stopping you from losing weight, attracting money, etc. Pretty much any reason and in any aspect of life we can check for and release trapped emotions.

Releasing these emotions doesn't guarantee healing or attracting what you want. I have yet to see a time where it didn't have at least some benefits. If you are seeing a doctor and/or are on medications and/or supplements you would want to stay on and/or discuss quitting with those professionals qualified to do so. I would not say this trumps any other healing method, however, I would say it makes an excellent companion worth at least trying.

How you can help me is by becoming my client. I am currently working on the certification for this amazing emotional clearing program. I need to have so many clients before I can become certified.

The following is what you can expect as my client:
  • I will need to know your first name and preferably your last. I can work without the last name.
  • I will need to know your age, for the records and for pinpointing an age when it was trapped when that is necessary.
  • I would benefit from knowing your location but it isn't necessary.
  • We could work in person or through email.
  • You wouldn't have to tell me anything about the emotions or experiences that are pinpointed. This part is more for your benefit if your subconscious sees a reason for you to become consciously aware of it.
  • You would give me permission to work on you and I would reply with what was cleared and any information that is needed.
  • Until I am certified all sessions must be free to you. Your "payment" is assisting me in my certification.
  • Everyone experiences up to 48 hours of processing. Only 20% of the time do we notice the processing. Processing can look like, but is not limited to, needing more sleep, emotional ups and downs, and I personally have experienced a need to eat sooner than I would have (only a couple of times and I figure it was like when you are tired and need more food to give you energy.)
  • I would appreciate feedback on your experience but it isn't required. If I use your feedback it would be without names unless you specifically gave permission to use it.
  • I would never divulge any personal information.
I would appreciate your help and the opportunity for me to help you. The way I see it is that you have nothing to lose except a few trapped emotions. What would be the harm in giving it a go? If it didn't work for you then it would have been a couple of emails or a few minutes of your time. If it did work it could make a huge world of difference in your life.

To begin sessions with me you can email me at: You may also contact me through facebook or other private message methods.

With love and light,

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  1. Michele, this is an awesome opportunity and I would love to be your client! I looked into this process a while ago, but did not know anyone who did it! I will private message you!!
    Thank you!