November 16, 2011

The Emotion Code

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Two days in a row! Are you impressed? You should be! :)

I have mentioned the Emotion Code (EC) before when I was talking about 9/11. In my opinion what it does for me blows EFT out of the water!

In a nutshell, we have all had experiences that are very emotionally charged. Often our bodies don't know what to do with these emotions so they get stuck. They are like little balls of energy trapping proper flow of our energy. They can interfere with our lives in so many ways, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. The more instances of a particular emotion, like anger, we get trapped the more we resignate with that emotion. Then we find ourselves feeling that emotion more often.

EC uses simple muscle testing and a chart of 60 emotions to pinpoint the trapped emotion. We then find out if we need to know more. You don't even need to say out loud what you think caused the emotion. When we find out what we need to know we release the emotion. It is literally impossible for that particular instance to ever return!

We also have this amazing ability to build emotional walls around our hearts. Sadly this is a very common experience. These are called heart walls. I myself have one. I have done much work to eliminate it and each time I feel tons better. I am a little anxious to find out how it feels to live without this wall.

I wish I could have each of you experience the true peace that comes after emotions are released. It's so weird. I have had what I refer to as spiritual highs after things like EFT or amazing experiences. The thing is that a person must come down from a high. This peace isn't a high. It's a weird sort of calmness, but so wonderful.

This is such a wonderful gift to the world that I chose to become certified. I am still in the process. I have to have so many client sessions before I can qualify. If you are interested let me know. (I can't charge until I am certified, so really there is literally nothing to lose except a few trapped emotions!)

I know that this blog doesn't do EC justice. I trust that you will know if it is right for you. Dr. Bradley Nelson wrote a book called The Emotion Code if you want to check it out for yourself.

In love and light,

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