December 29, 2012

Where are Our Hearts?

The concept is out there that you must pay for what you get to show you invest in yourself. Then why would I get so many free opportunities lately?

In a book of scripture it says "And again, I say unto the poor, ye who have not and yet have sufficient, that ye remain from day to day; I mean all you who deny the beggar, because ye have not; I would that ye say in your hearts that: I give not because I have not, but if I had I would give." (Mosiah 24:4)

I think a key concept for why I have been so blessed comes from this verse. "I give not because I have not, but if I had I would give." It's in my heart to give. I would love to invest in myself! Which in turn would invest in you.

It seems to be a similar concept to when the Savior mentioned. "And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." (Matthew 19:24) I recently heard that the eye of the needle referred to a small gate into the city. The camel would have to be stripped of baggage and crawl through on his knees. In other words be humbled.

It's all about where our hearts are. Are we humble? Would we give if we could?

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Heart Style
Intuitive Design Coach

December 27, 2012

Oh wow!

I have had the most amazing few months. I did some really intense clearing of beliefs and the results have been wow. I had free entry into things that should have cost. I've had super empowering webinars and events. Oh the aha's I've had!

Last week, I had an aha about my own story. I was writing my newsletter and tapped into a belief that I have had. It's one of those beliefs we get trapped by the things our parents tell us. Did our parents mean to cause problems in our adult lives? Of course not. They did the best they knew how. Of course, I did some work on that belief and I have noticed a difference.

Today, I had a huge aha. I was listening in on an amazing call. The facilitator used EFT. I've used EFT in the past so I wasn't expecting much, as it's not the best tool for me. She worked with three ladies. I felt I somewhat connected with the issues of the first one and I probably experienced some changes. Then the second  one had something that I really connected to and I thought, "Oh, this is why I'm on this call." I got some benefit from that one for sure.

Then came the third. HOLY COW! We're tapping along and I'm thinking, "Yeah, I relate." Then the big one! We stumbled into a belief about people, especially family, not seeing me for who I am today. I sobbed and sobbed. I can see so many places that this shows up, sometimes in lesser forms.

For example, I spent years believing I was a type 1 so I tried to act like one. (Carol Tuttle's Energy Profile system.) I pushed myself. I even did things I was uncomfortable doing. I believed if I pushed hard enough I'd get passed the wounded state that made me act more type 2 then type 1. Then I discovered the truth that I really am a type 2. The new problem was that the people that would recognize me as who I really am were limited. The people around me still treated me like I was the type 1 I had been trying to be.

The great thing is that now I know the deeper belief, and have done much to change it, I will experience a different life. Discovering a core belief and having it changed creates a totally different experience. I can now have people see me for the person I am today.

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Heart Style
Intuitive Design Coach

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I pray for the power of the Christmas season to be with you now and forever.

December 23, 2012

Common Mistakes DYTers Make

This article is based on the idea that you are already familiar with Carol Tuttle, Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth. If you are not, it is now free to find out your Energy Profile. Simply click here and get started!

If you are familiar with Dressing Your Truth then you will know that the most important element of dress is color. There are 5 elements of dress and four of them have some flexibility.

A mistake often made when trying to put the Dressing Your Truth program onto interior design is thinking a certain type must must decorate their home using the same elements. The truth is with interior design color is just as flexible as the other elements.

Another mistake I often see is forgetting to take into consideration all who use, or will use, the room. If your room is only used by you then go ahead make it full fledged type whatever you are. If the room is shared look for ways to make it work for all who frequently use the space.

Still another mistake is overlooking the purpose of the room. I can't say a blanket statement like "all kitchens must be done with this type of colors." This wouldn't work because different people use their kitchens differently. Consider how you use the room and the kind of energy you want in that room.

Something I believe vital is that every person that lives in our home needs to have a space where they feel most at ease in. Depending on their nature to whether that needs to be a private or shared space.

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Heart Style
Intuitive Design Coach

February 09, 2012


This was imported and updated from another blog I did.

Lately asking questions has been showing up in almost everything I learn. Afformations, like I talked about before, are asking questions instead of saying affirmations. I love the concept of asking questions.

So how does that apply here? Well, what are we looking for? A lot of us are overwhelmed in our lives. The example here is housework. Apply this concept to any project.

Questions to ask: What can I do today to get my house in order? What can I do right now to change my attitude towards my mess? I think you get the idea. Key things here are leave out those shoulds. Who cares what you should do? If you should do it you won't. Change your approach to get around those shoulds.

Maybe you have a pile of dishes. You should go do them right? What if you changed what you said? "What can I do right now to take care of those dishes?" Then listen to what comes and follow the directions. Maybe you hear, "Leave them for now, this is more important." Maybe you hear, "Clean out that sink." So you clean it out and then it's time to go off to something else. It's ok to leave it. You made the first step so when you have a moment next time and you ask the question the answer may be, "Wash a drainer full." If you have a dishwasher you may get told to put the clean ones away. Maybe that's all you have time or energy for. It's okay! Next time you have a moment or time you'll have an empty washer to load stuff into.
Try it for a week with any project and let me know how things went.

In love and light,

January 11, 2012

It's All About Style!

This was imported and updated from another blog I did.

What is your Creation Style?

We've all heard of many ways to manifest this or that. Visualize it, feel about it, write it down, etc. The people that tell you to do these things share them because they've experienced results. They are powerful techniques for many people. So then what happens when we try to do the same?

That would depend on who we are. If you share their creation style then you will have great results as well. There is one disclaimer I must mention. That is when our subconscious has reason to not let us have what we want. If we are using our creation style then overcoming this issue will become easier. I also have a technique that I have found to be most powerful, that you can ask me about.

I have a good friend, Christopher Westra, he has some awesome information to share with people! He has taught how to visualize in a way that many wouldn't dream of. I love the concept.

Now here is where my problem comes in. I'm a daydreamer by nature. I've been doing it my whole life. I have complete conversations with people in my head. It is a world as real to me as the one I live in. For this reason when I visualize something in any way shape or form my system won't create it in reality. According to my system, I already have it. My being considers my daydreams as a part of my reality, and therefor the vision never gets into the physical world.

The reason I tell you this is because we all need to find our own creation style. If one style worked for all of us then wouldn't we live in a much different world? Instead we use something that isn't our style and then get frustrated and often quit all together. If we would accept that it just isn't our style we could keep trying until we find our style.

Some of you will do wonderful with Christopher's method! I encourage you to go for it and see if it's your style. Others have found wonderful success with vision boards. Some do well with having words posted around their houses. I find the words and vision boards as clutter to my brain.

I'll share what has worked for me and I would love to have you share what works for you. Someone just may benefit from learning about your creation style!

I can tell you a about what was said in class, and I can also often recall information with images in my head. Many would say then you are an auditory/visual learner. It's not completely accurate to say this. It's kind of like I need to actively participate with my mind. You know about hands on people? I'm a mind on person! :) If my mind is actively participating then I will learn a lot, whether it's visual, auditory, written, etc.

So my creation style: I've done best when I write a "wish list" and then forget about the list. Hide it away and don't think about it. More of a wouldn't it be cool if this happened concept. If I put any more desire in then that I gum up the works. I think it has to do with what I mentioned earlier about day dreaming. If I put any more effort in like even saying, "I have this," then my system says, "OK, she has that. Our work is done."

I do believe my style is unique and rare. I can think of a handful of people that may have a similar issue to mine. Most people should be able to find their style within the typical styles. Be creative, you may have to mix a few ideas to get your style.

I did want to mention affirmations. I'm looking into seeing if this could be able to be used as a more active creation style for me. I found I did best with changing my inner dialog when I had a list of affirmations that I would read out loud each morning and night. Many people do well with seeing them around their house and some may do well to record them for listening to. I need some level of active mental participation, so I would need to actually say them.

Ideas for hands on learners, as they seem to be the least addressed. Try writing out what you want each day or over and over again. How about saying/reading them while you are running, jumping, etc. Go for a walk while you visualize. It's important for you to get moving while creating.

Enjoy finding your creation style! Please comment below to share your style!

In love and light,


Michele Lewis, Identity Specialist, helping you discover who you are, why you are here, and how to finally live and create the life of your dreams!