January 11, 2012

It's All About Style!

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What is your Creation Style?

We've all heard of many ways to manifest this or that. Visualize it, feel about it, write it down, etc. The people that tell you to do these things share them because they've experienced results. They are powerful techniques for many people. So then what happens when we try to do the same?

That would depend on who we are. If you share their creation style then you will have great results as well. There is one disclaimer I must mention. That is when our subconscious has reason to not let us have what we want. If we are using our creation style then overcoming this issue will become easier. I also have a technique that I have found to be most powerful, that you can ask me about.

I have a good friend, Christopher Westra, he has some awesome information to share with people! He has taught how to visualize in a way that many wouldn't dream of. I love the concept. icreatereality.com

Now here is where my problem comes in. I'm a daydreamer by nature. I've been doing it my whole life. I have complete conversations with people in my head. It is a world as real to me as the one I live in. For this reason when I visualize something in any way shape or form my system won't create it in reality. According to my system, I already have it. My being considers my daydreams as a part of my reality, and therefor the vision never gets into the physical world.

The reason I tell you this is because we all need to find our own creation style. If one style worked for all of us then wouldn't we live in a much different world? Instead we use something that isn't our style and then get frustrated and often quit all together. If we would accept that it just isn't our style we could keep trying until we find our style.

Some of you will do wonderful with Christopher's method! I encourage you to go for it and see if it's your style. Others have found wonderful success with vision boards. Some do well with having words posted around their houses. I find the words and vision boards as clutter to my brain.

I'll share what has worked for me and I would love to have you share what works for you. Someone just may benefit from learning about your creation style!

I can tell you a about what was said in class, and I can also often recall information with images in my head. Many would say then you are an auditory/visual learner. It's not completely accurate to say this. It's kind of like I need to actively participate with my mind. You know about hands on people? I'm a mind on person! :) If my mind is actively participating then I will learn a lot, whether it's visual, auditory, written, etc.

So my creation style: I've done best when I write a "wish list" and then forget about the list. Hide it away and don't think about it. More of a wouldn't it be cool if this happened concept. If I put any more desire in then that I gum up the works. I think it has to do with what I mentioned earlier about day dreaming. If I put any more effort in like even saying, "I have this," then my system says, "OK, she has that. Our work is done."

I do believe my style is unique and rare. I can think of a handful of people that may have a similar issue to mine. Most people should be able to find their style within the typical styles. Be creative, you may have to mix a few ideas to get your style.

I did want to mention affirmations. I'm looking into seeing if this could be able to be used as a more active creation style for me. I found I did best with changing my inner dialog when I had a list of affirmations that I would read out loud each morning and night. Many people do well with seeing them around their house and some may do well to record them for listening to. I need some level of active mental participation, so I would need to actually say them.

Ideas for hands on learners, as they seem to be the least addressed. Try writing out what you want each day or over and over again. How about saying/reading them while you are running, jumping, etc. Go for a walk while you visualize. It's important for you to get moving while creating.

Enjoy finding your creation style! Please comment below to share your style!

In love and light,


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