December 23, 2012

Common Mistakes DYTers Make

This article is based on the idea that you are already familiar with Carol Tuttle, Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth. If you are not, it is now free to find out your Energy Profile. Simply click here and get started!

If you are familiar with Dressing Your Truth then you will know that the most important element of dress is color. There are 5 elements of dress and four of them have some flexibility.

A mistake often made when trying to put the Dressing Your Truth program onto interior design is thinking a certain type must must decorate their home using the same elements. The truth is with interior design color is just as flexible as the other elements.

Another mistake I often see is forgetting to take into consideration all who use, or will use, the room. If your room is only used by you then go ahead make it full fledged type whatever you are. If the room is shared look for ways to make it work for all who frequently use the space.

Still another mistake is overlooking the purpose of the room. I can't say a blanket statement like "all kitchens must be done with this type of colors." This wouldn't work because different people use their kitchens differently. Consider how you use the room and the kind of energy you want in that room.

Something I believe vital is that every person that lives in our home needs to have a space where they feel most at ease in. Depending on their nature to whether that needs to be a private or shared space.

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Heart Style
Intuitive Design Coach

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