December 27, 2012

Oh wow!

I have had the most amazing few months. I did some really intense clearing of beliefs and the results have been wow. I had free entry into things that should have cost. I've had super empowering webinars and events. Oh the aha's I've had!

Last week, I had an aha about my own story. I was writing my newsletter and tapped into a belief that I have had. It's one of those beliefs we get trapped by the things our parents tell us. Did our parents mean to cause problems in our adult lives? Of course not. They did the best they knew how. Of course, I did some work on that belief and I have noticed a difference.

Today, I had a huge aha. I was listening in on an amazing call. The facilitator used EFT. I've used EFT in the past so I wasn't expecting much, as it's not the best tool for me. She worked with three ladies. I felt I somewhat connected with the issues of the first one and I probably experienced some changes. Then the second  one had something that I really connected to and I thought, "Oh, this is why I'm on this call." I got some benefit from that one for sure.

Then came the third. HOLY COW! We're tapping along and I'm thinking, "Yeah, I relate." Then the big one! We stumbled into a belief about people, especially family, not seeing me for who I am today. I sobbed and sobbed. I can see so many places that this shows up, sometimes in lesser forms.

For example, I spent years believing I was a type 1 so I tried to act like one. (Carol Tuttle's Energy Profile system.) I pushed myself. I even did things I was uncomfortable doing. I believed if I pushed hard enough I'd get passed the wounded state that made me act more type 2 then type 1. Then I discovered the truth that I really am a type 2. The new problem was that the people that would recognize me as who I really am were limited. The people around me still treated me like I was the type 1 I had been trying to be.

The great thing is that now I know the deeper belief, and have done much to change it, I will experience a different life. Discovering a core belief and having it changed creates a totally different experience. I can now have people see me for the person I am today.

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Heart Style
Intuitive Design Coach

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