January 01, 2013

Feel About It

Recently things have really changed in my life. I knew my purpose but the question was, "How do I be an example when I haven't done it for myself?" I took the question to my Father, God.

He guided me to heal more of my internal world. I was lead to recognize beliefs, I didn't know I had. He reminded me of the Universal Laws of creation.

Let me tell you about this week, I consider it an awesome result. I imagined what my room would look like clean, how it would feel. I cleared as many beliefs and trapped emotions as I could. I got to an emotional place where I feel it is truly possible to have a clean room.

Since then I have had ideas on what to do each day. I approach each task with the excitement of knowing my vision is coming true. I dreaded some of the things I'd have to do. That dread is gone. It will still take time but with the vision in mind I'm a lot more willing to take the steps.

Each box I sort through, each thing I toss, each step I take moves me in the right direction. I celebrate each step!

Feel the vision and the rest becomes easier!

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Heart Style
Intuitive Design Coach

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