January 20, 2013

It Just Doesn't Fit

Do you remember back in elementary school? I had some dresses I just loved to wear. Did you have something you loved to wear? Do you still wear it? No? Why not?

Did you have something you loved doing, once upon a time? One of mine was being a high school cheer leader. Oh sure I can cheer and encourage people but I can't put on that uniform, I don't have a team and the local high school would not be to thrilled if a 40 year old lady went out on their court.

Of course you don't wear the elementary school clothes. It would be a rare person that would fit in them. Just by the nature of growing taller, let alone any other changes our bodies have made, we can't fit. You also probably have at least one something you did once upon a time that just doesn't fit in with who you are right now.

Then, why is it that we hold on so tight to so many things? Relationships that don't work and aren't improving. Jobs or careers that we feel stuck in. Even business ideas that just don't feel right anymore.

Recently, I found myself forcing a concept into my business. I had felt so inspired when I originally had the idea. When I was told "your mess is your message" I could only see one mess, a literal mess in my house. As I healed more and more that original idea felt more and more heavy.

Instead of letting go I held tight. It was like I was trying to squeeze myself into those dresses from elementary school. I was even out on the wrong court cheering and wondering why it wasn't working. I wasn't giving myself credit for the growth I've had. It's kind of sad just like letting go of the dresses. I invested a lot of time and money in the idea.

I now recognize all that I have learned from that idea. I mistook a learning tool to support my eventual business as a mainstay of that business. Often we have things in our life for a season but we grab onto them like they were the core of who we are or what we do.

What a difference it makes to let it go. I feel lighter and more confident to move forward. What are you holding onto? Was it meant to be here for a season? Was it meant only to teach you? If it is meant to be here for a lifetime, are you choking it? Letting go could breath new life into it.

From my heart to yours,


P.S. With my growth has come and continues to come a lot of changes. If you haven't been to my site in the last 5 minutes go check out the changes. :)

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  1. LOVE it, Michele! It's so powerful to let GO of things which no longer serve us. You GO, Girl!