January 16, 2013

MBTI = type?

As many of you know I am a fan of Carol Tuttle's work. She has a profiling system that uses movement and features to classify us into 4 basic groups. To learn you type and more about this system visit the Energy Profile site.

We think the MBTI would easily divide into the Energy Profiling system. There is a commonality when the 16 types are divided into 4 however this is not the same commonalty found in Energy profiling.

My friend Alexander Paulos created a system that classifies people into 16 temperaments similar to the MBTI. He uses features and movement to do this. It is based on science, like how hormones play a role, and dualities found in Quantum Physics. These dualities can also be referred to as Yin and Yang. The 16 temperaments have a further duality to consider that further divides into 32 different temperaments.

When dividing the temperaments into Energy Profiling one needs to use the 32 temperaments. My own experiences has show that inhibited people will likely be type 2s or 4s and disinhibited will likely be type 1s and 3s.

The true distribution of temperaments into types lies in Yin and Yang. How much Yin vs. Yang you have will determine which type you are. As I am not qualified in either system I cannot tell you which temperaments are which types. All I know for sure is that I am a type 2 in Energy Profiling and an Out-Curviplex-Circle-Wave-Inhibited in Paulos Recognition and my husband is a type1 and an In-Line-Box-Wave-Disinhibited.

I have found great personal clarity in both programs.  I would encourage you to participate in both programs as well. Energy Profile and Paulos Recogntion.

From my heart to yours,


Heart Style
Intuitive Life Design Coach


  1. what if i could show you examples of inhibited and disinhibited types 1,2,3 and 4? would you be interested?
    I agree they're both amazing systems. I also think they deal with separate parts of the brain and don't over lap. (which in essence is what I'm also hearing from you.)

    1. I appreciate your comment on this 3 year old message. Since writing this blog post I have found that much has changed in my views.

      I still love Alex Paulos's system. I have found it to be accurate in all ways. It correlates fairly well with the MBTI.

      I do not, however, still believe the same of Carol Tuttle's system. I find that there are some people that fit easily into her system, even if they don't think so at first. They find their home and love their clothes and new styles. They feel right and authentic.
      For the comments about inhibition and types, the problem is that the people who seem to be inhibited 1s and 3s or disinhibited 3s and 4s, don't actually fit into the DYT types. Where my former husband fits type 1, he's an ISTP disinhibited. My son fits type 2, he's an ISTP inhibited. I can divide every MBTI Sensor temperament into one side of the spectrum, and it's by inhibition not introversion. The N temperaments don't divide easily and really don't fit anywhere.

      I have never found a fit. I spent two years thinking I was a shy type 1. As an inhibited ENFP it would make sense to think I'm a t1. I never felt settled, felt fat, and was just unhappy so I spent two years as a type 2. Another thing that as an inhibited ENFP makes sense to think. The clothes caused me to look older, I felt dumpy and more than that it contributed to depression I was trying hard to heal. I tried out type 4 for another two years. I went with the idea that I was a 4/1 (or maybe a 1/4). Although there are things in the type 4 expression that I do, I didn't fit. I felt like I was playing dress up, it emphasized my gray hair and wrinkles. I haven't dressed as a type 3 because truly the description of type 3 is so not me and the fabrication would drive me nuts. Some of the colors made me look older than any other type of clothes made me look. I don't know of anyone that would think I am a type 3.

      Recently, they came out with a new profiling system. I tried it out. Once again landing in the type 1 with my heart shapes and twinkle eyes, secondary 2 with my s curves. Once again, I tried out type 1.

      The problem is, I truly don't resonate with any of the types. I can see parts that feel right. Carol would, of course, say this is typical of a type 1. What isn't typical of a type 1 is to wear the bright colors and disappear. They outshine me and I don't feel good in most of them.

      I have found that there are colors from all 4 types that I love to wear and look amazing in. Fabrication is a mix of t1 and t2. Design line is a mix of the two as well.

      Off and on, I have wondered if the reason so many people leave the DYT system (and I know many) is because it only covers half the temperaments. I've noticed those of us that can't find our home in any type are actually the iNtutives. Maybe the problem is in the connection to the physical realm that the sensors have versus the connection to the unseen that us Ns have.

      I don't know what the answer is. I just know that I have a home in the MBTI. I found that home through the study of functions not an inaccurate test. I confirmed that home through Alex Paulos' system. I don't have a home in DYT.