January 09, 2013

Not to Use Not?

In the affirmation writing community it is commonly said, "Don't use 'not' when writing your affirmations." Is it wrong to use negatives? I say, "No."

The 'Don't think of a purple elephant' concept is used. The idea is presented that you get what you focus on. Of course if I tell my child, "Don't stand on the chair," he'll have to think about standing on the chair and then not standing on the chair, which takes a process of going through what we don't want. I shorten his processing process by giving him something to focus on when I say, "Sit on the chair."

In the book "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden she teaches a technique called Temporal Tapping. This technique uses both positive statements and negative statements with positive meanings. She says that in most people the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex is more likely to accept the more critical negative statement, while the right hemisphere is more likely to accept the positive statement. Going with this concept it would make more sense to address both sides of the brain in our affirmations as well.

We use the negative statements so much in our society. It is easy for us to say, "I am not fat." When we switch to saying, "I am thin," we finally start addressing the other hemisphere and so people often start getting results when they didn't before.

Focusing on the positive is also a higher vibration then the negative which allows us to stay in higher vibrations.

Probably the most important reason to focus on choosing positive statements is the helps us to figure out what we actually want. Saying, "I am not fat," is all fine and dandy but then your mind starts saying, "If I'm not fat then what am I?" When we turn it into a positive we give our brain something to focus on.

I will start using both negative and positive in my affirmations, especially the ones that seem to more difficult to budge. For example, "I am not unworthy, I am worthy." I tell myself what I am not, and then tell myself what I am.

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Heart Style
Intuitive Design Coach

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