January 13, 2013


I have been doing affirmations off and on for years, at least 17. :-) I often have one concept that stops me from using them, until something prompts me to try again. That concept? Am I being selfish?

Lately, I have experienced many of my affirmations coming to pass. On others, I have not had any evidence that anything is even happening. This causes me to take a look at what I am asking for, how I am asking or what beliefs are in the way of receiving.

I realized that the affirmations I considered trivial are ones that happen. The ones that I don't see any obvious ways they affect others tend to happen as well. When I evaluate the ones not coming to pass it brings me to my beliefs about being selfish.

I wasn't ready to face that belief head on. Why would I want to stop myself from being selfish? What I did instead was changed my focus.

How could I look at paying a debt in a way that gave benefit to others and not just lift my burden? Paying the debt also pays someone's salary. It gives a way that the company and I can contribute to a healthy economy. Even my children benefit from a more relaxed mom.

Indirectly, I changed my belief by looking at things in a different way. How can desiring to pay my bills be selfish when so many benefit? Besides, I'm a giver by nature so I never really want anything just for me. :-)

Funny is that the last thought gave me the courage to take on the belief head on. If I am naturally a giving person, then why have a belief to prevent me from being selfish? It implies that I believe I am selfish. Hmm, that is not an empowering belief.

From my heart to yours,

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