January 04, 2013

Who Thought That?

A while back I learned that when I say, "Who's thoughts are these anyway?" I experience the thoughts leaving my mind. Well, most of the time. The rare times it didn't I'd say some clearing statements and then they'd go.

Being me I needed more understanding. I never fully formulated the question so it took a while to get the answer. I got my answer this week. I love getting answers to the questions I never quite ask. :)

It turns out that many thoughts "we" have are not even ours. Collectively society after society has created thought fields. Without consciously knowing it we connect with these fields and then think the thoughts are our own.

Some fields can be cultural which is why so many who've been born into my religious culture have some beliefs that the new converts don't have. It's the little thoughts that keep us from living our beliefs to the fullest. Maybe an old cultural fear of persecution.

When we ask the question, "Who's thought is this anyway?" we subconsciously recognize when we are in a thought field and release the thought. When done often the times of connecting to these fields lessons. This makes for a lot less noise in our head. Then we can recognize inspiring thoughts from truth so much easier.

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Heart Style
Intuitive Design Coach

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