January 29, 2013

Wisdom, Knowledge and Discernment

Recently it was implied that my soul purpose was not in line with "Divine Wisdom." This was hard to accept because it seemed that, if this person was correct, what I am most passionate about would not be in line with my soul's purpose. Since I have a need to understand things, I sought understanding. This post is a result.

Knowledge is obviously knowing things. Some people assume, incorrectly, that this knowledge comes through traditional learning only. They say that knowledge learned by experience is wisdom. This is not true. Knowledge is knowledge no matter how it is learned.

Wisdom is often said to be the application of knowledge. This is an incomplete picture. Wisdom is about knowing what to do in any given situation. The wise may not actually have a full knowledge to support their choice yet they know what to do.

Discernment is the ability to separate truth from lies. It's what allows us to know when something is right for us. It allows me to pull truth from something even when 90% of the info is false. It is also what allows me to look at someone and know what they are feeling even when they pretend something else.

Each gift is needed. One is not more important then the other. These are only 3 of numerous gifts. Everyone has gifts, however, someone could have only one, or two, all three or even none of these three particular gifts. We can all experience moments with a gift we weren't given when it is needed. It all depends on what we need in order to live our lives to the fullest and support the rest of mankind. We also can ask for gifts we don't have.

How these gifts can show up in the world obviously vary as we as people are unique. As a person with the gift of knowledge, I am blessed in the ability to share my knowledge through writing and in other ways. I find as much or more joy in sharing my knowledge then when I gain it. If I had been given the gift of wisdom then coaching might be right for me. I would be able to see what others need to do and guide them using that knowing of what to do in the given situation. With the gift a discerning, I can see what causes conflict, illness, etc. and therefor offer healing.

As you can see each gift has it's place. Each gifts helps to lift and serve others. This knowledge helps me choose ways to live in line with my gifts, as I discover them. Can you recognize one or more of these gifts in you? How can this help you live in better alignment with your soul's purpose?

From my heart to yours,

Intuitive Healer of the Heart
at Heart Style

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