February 27, 2013


Oh, this is my all time favorite essential oil. It's really funny too because I don't like peppermint candy!

This oil, especially when added to a citrus, is super great for lifting the spirit. We've used this oil to help with alertness and motion sickness while driving.

As a mom I could not be without this oil.

Got a fever? Use peppermint on the feet, neck and forehead. Be super careful not to get it in eyes, if you have a young child you may want to avoid the forehead. Also, be sure to dilute for young skin.

Got a stuffy nose? Smell some peppermint and notice what a difference it makes!

Got a sunburn? Love peppermint for this! It has a cooling affect on the burn. It also helps it heal, especially when added with a burn oil, such as lavender or roman chamomile.

Got a tummy ache? Super oil to use for digestive ailments. Rub right on the tummy. A note of warning to expectant mothers, be very careful when using this oil. It can sometimes be used but do your research first!

Believe it or not the oil that is often used for alertness helps my brain settle down to sleep. It's an oil to help with focus. My mind will often run 2,000 miles per an hour. At times like these peppermint gets my brain focused enough to sleep.

A friend had was experiencing a numb yet painful thumb after some surgery on her back. Her arm had gone to sleep and left her with this weird pain since. We put peppermint on it and she felt instant relief for the first time in years.

These are just a few of the MANY uses of peppermint. In my opinion every one should have this oil.

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis

February 23, 2013

My Illness

Today, I'm going to be completely honest.

For years, I resented people asking for prayers and support for cancer patients or other serious illness. It wasn't that I didn't feel for them or believe they needed prayers. I would not wish the illnesses on anyone. The problem was, I, too, was suffering from an illness. This illness is common. This illness destroys not only the life of the one who has it but also greatly affects the lives of those who love and care about them. This illness is depression.

It's everywhere and yet it's not one that we ask others to pray for. We don't say, "My mom needs prayers, she's suffering from depression." We don't say, "My neighbor was just diagnosed with depression, will you send her energy?" In fact more often then not we hide the illness. Those who have it will do their best to pretend everything is okay, we're often ashamed to admit that we have it. Our loved ones will apologize for us, maybe saying, "She isn't feeling well today," and in their head they add, "or any day."

Some suffering seek relief in drugs. I've never done so myself. I've had people tell me I should be on drugs. This just added to my feelings of worthless and broken. I see so many people on drugs that never find relief. It's never a cure, although some hormone therapy can be. Who wants to be on a drug for the rest of your life?

Often, we're told "Choose to be happy." In fact the whole reason I'm writing this is because I was just in a meeting that told us we can choose joy. How would a cancer patient feel if we said "choose to be healthy"  or "choose to not have cancer." When a person has chronic depression there is more involved then a choice to be joyful or happy.

Now don't go getting me wrong. I know we create our realities, subconsciously. I know we really do choose the things we are going through, subconsciously. The problem with chronic depression like any illness is there are a lot more choices and things to address then a simple choice to be happy. For a person in this state, just choosing to believe there might just possibly be a way out takes all the energy they have.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are standing at the bottom of the tallest building you can think of. This place. at the bottom, is despair. Really that is often what those in depression feel. Despair is without hope. At the top of the building is where your loved ones are. They are in joy. You might see people who are a floor or two from the top, these are the people that can just "choose" joy and be there. The people at the top are just yelling down to you, "Just choose to be happy and you'll be up here with me." You can barely hear them the climb is so high!

If you are lucky, someone might throw down some tools. Maybe a key to the stairwell or elevator. They might have a ladder. They are telling you, "Don't beat yourself up. You're doing the best you can." They'll tell you, "Choose to get out of bed today and celebrate that awesome achievement." They know that before you can ever choose joy you have to make some other choices first.

When you're really lucky, you'll find some kind of healing method that works. Some work better then others. One worked amazing miracles for so-and-so, who was halfway up the building and now is at the top, so we think they should work just as well for us. We forget that he was already half way up the building. Then we get discouraged when we don't get the same results, or as fast as we think we should get. Finally, you use the method long enough or find a better for you method and start seeing results, although at first they can be quite small.

I, personally, have tried a lot of methods. I've given up, started again, changed courses, etc. The year that my depression went from being all the time to being Seasonal Affective Disorder I was ecstatic. This was progress. I kept going. Now I get a rare day with the depression feelings. I can pinpoint the trigger, whereas before just being alive was possibly the trigger. I can ask myself, "What is happening that caused these feelings?" I get a specific answer and then can proceed to heal it. I love where I am now and I am seeing things get better every day.

After pulling off layers upon layers of hurt, pain, grief, anger, rage, etc. I finally can choose to be happy. Just like any disease it takes finding the right tools for you. Depression can be cured. The best thing to hear is your 20 year old son saying, "You're so chipper lately." (He doesn't even normally use the word chipper!)

In that meeting today, I didn't resent being told to choose joy. I knew that I was now in a place where that choice is possible. I am either at the top of the building or just down a floor now. I did ache for the many who are still finding themselves somewhere on the bottom levels of the building. These are the people I most want to help with my healing tools. I want to share the sunshine, that I have found with them, with them and you.

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Healer of the Heart

February 19, 2013

Feeling Authentic

As many of you know I have learned much about my nature from Carol Tuttle through Energy Profile and Dressing Your Truth. For those of you not familiar with her programs, the basic natures have some key words. For example, 1s are bright and animated, 2s are soft and subtle and so forth.

For years, I believed I was a type 1. The reality was, I never felt settled with the idea of being a 1. In my features I saw t1, t2, t3 and type unknown. I kept going back and forth with 1 and 3 because I thought I saw more of those in me, then 2. I set the intention to know my type. I wasn't super focused on this intention, really I wrote it in my journal and forgot about it.

I was working on self healing. One day I decided to look at type 2 as a possibility. When this happened I finally found something that settled. I realized all of my "unknown" features were type 2, making 2 my more dominant features. I started understanding what Carol said about my type. Before I had just been trying to manipulate type 1 to fit me. I feel no need to change the type 2. If I don't match exactly I have an understanding of how circumstance and secondary affect where I vary, which is rarely far.

Last December, I started having experiences in which I felt calm and peaceful. This was new to me. It felt like type 2 energy for the first time I could remember. This is when I feel joy. Joy for me is peaceful and calming. There is something so comfortable about this feeling. When I felt that peace I knew what I was doing right for me.

Lately, I have had so much fun with working with people on sessions. I enjoy connecting one on one with people. I also noted that I was feeling upbeat and type 1ish which is not true to my dominant. I felt happy but not joy. I felt little promptings that something was off. I knew that I was coming across more like my secondary and not my dominant nature.

Recently, I had a session that went really fast. To fill the time she did work on me in return. I'm feeling the peace and calm again. Why didn't I find this for myself? I was so focused on other areas I couldn't see the forest for the trees.

I'm not completely sure why I was coming from my second. I think maybe because I was doing things so very out of my element. I was putting myself out there in a big way, which is fine to a point as long as I return to self after. It serves as a reminder. If I'm not feeling calm and peaceful, then I get to discover why I am disconnected from my authentic self.

In order to know when you are not being true to you, you'll need to know your type or motivation. I know that if a type 1 isn't having fun they are disconnected from self. See Carol's information for more on what ways of being is more in line with your true nature. If you aren't feeling it then see what needs to change in order to be authentic. Could be a different approach to your tasks, could be taking the right kinds of breaks, or it could be you need a healing session. Also, make sure that you really are the type you think you are.

Here is another thing to note about when you are not being authentic. When we are trying to be something we are not, whether we are conscious of it or not, it is very draining to us. If you are meant to be upbeat and you're not being so, then you'll find yourself drained of energy. On the contrary when you are being upbeat, and that is not your authentic self, you'll find yourself drained of energy.

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Healer of the Heart

February 12, 2013

Quit or Heal?

Here I am, I'm going along living my life and clearing my stuff. Some days I wonder, "Is it worth it?" It's easy to remember the answer, "Yes, you're no longer depressed." Then there are the questions, "Will I ever see the end of this? Will I ever be cleared of what's in my way on this subject?" This is a hard one to hold onto faith for.

I've heard that people will generally experience problems in one or two of three general areas of life. I am sure there are more than three. The areas they mention are relationships, money and health. I'm one of the lucky ones that get all three. This leaves me with the question of what do I clear first?

I clear what's the most in my face. For a while it was mostly about finances. I am still expecting big changes, have had small, mostly I just feel better on the subject, more at peace. Recently I have been facing the way my kids ignore me and are often very rude. This isn't a general kids learning to be adults kind of ignoring.

I cleared on a Saturday, enough to where I could calmly get my daughter to help with her chore. I am always looking at: What in me creates this? Can I clear something in her? Etc.

Then comes Sunday. I got so angry with my 20 year old son. His room could be featured on those shows with gross homes. He literally can't walk anywhere in it. The door has been broken because he can't open the door. The 3 year old went in today and I feared for his life and couldn't even get over to him. I've argued and complained and begged for so long. I'm a natural peace maker so this is really hard for me. I pounded on his door and handed him a trash bag. I have never experienced him talking back to me so rudely in my life! I seriously didn't recognize him. He quickly apologized and I know he meant it as I could hear it in his voice.

So why am I telling you this? As I said just the day before I had been clearing on the respect and rudeness issue. It could be so easy to throw my hands in the air and say, "It didn't work!" How many times I've quit because it got worse after doing a clearing.

I now see it is sad to quit when it's so close to being totally gone.

Imagine you have a wound. In order to heal this particular wound you have to pull off the scab to extract the poison. With the scab off it's raw and boy does it hurt! This was me. I pulled off the scab of the rudeness wound. Now it's an open wound. It's raw. It's screening to be healed!

We have two choices in these times. We can quit, give up, say it's not working and stuff it again or we can heal it. We can recognize it wants to be healed. We've uncovered it so let's get it out! Have you had similar wounds opened?

From my heart to yours,

Healer of the Heart

February 05, 2013

Soul Purpose

I often hear people talk about soul purpose. I also hear people talking about the idea that if you are in alignment with your "soul" then you'll have the success you desire. Before we can know our soul purpose it is important to know what the soul is.

Many people misunderstand what the soul is. They refer to an essence that we come from or our spirit. The soul is actually made up of a physical body and spirit. Some would even say body, mind and spirit. What all is a part of the soul isn't as important as understanding that it takes at least 2 components, one of them being our body. This means that our "soul" purpose is really the purpose of our lifetime here on earth.

We each chose to come here to earth to experience aspects of having a physical body. Some would argue that we don't have a life lesson even though they then say that we came to experience an aspect of God. Isn't that the same thing? Our lesson is to find a way to live the aspect that we wanted to experience. Often this is the exact opposite of what we have experienced throughout our lives. For example maybe we wanted to experience being powerful and yet all through life we find ourselves in very powerless situations. These are the things that when we find them and recognize these aspects of ourselves we often cry. I feel inside that my spirit is saying, "Finally, you see it! You recognize you."

To enable us on our journey we have spiritual gifts, similar to those I mention in "Wisdom, Knowledge and Discernment." When we find tasks that are in alignment with our spiritual gifts we experience the rush that we talk about as being "on purpose." I believe that along with the things we want to experience or learn there are also things that we want to accomplish, such as helping others on their path. This is another area in which we feel that same "on purpose" rush. If we came to teach we can experience that rush as a regular teacher, as a parent, as a tutor, as an author, or in many other ways. Some will appeal to us more than others.

It is important to find those things that give us that rush. "Men are, that they might have joy." (Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:25) God didn't send us to earth to be miserable. He wants all of His children to choose joy. Being on purpose brings us joy.

Also, I believe that when people experience "success" from living on purpose they are actually doing both, recognizing who they are and doing what they came here to do. The combination is very powerful.

Another thing to note is that there are many ways to look at purpose. I've mentioned 2 and I know there are others. When you hear about purpose ask yourself what aspect they may be talking about. Some people will say you can only have one soul purpose or that it never changes. Others will say you can have many and they are changing as we change. This makes sense when you see how they define purpose.

My purpose of "leading others to truth" is one of those that never changes. Depending on what I choose to do with my life depends on how that shows up. Once I was tutoring AutoCAD. As I helped others learn the program I was living one temporary aspect of my purpose.

Have you found your purpose?

From my heart to yours,


Intuitive Healer of the Heart
at Heart Style

Michele Lewis, Identity Specialist, helping you discover who you are, why you are here, and how to finally live and create the life of your dreams!