February 19, 2013

Feeling Authentic

As many of you know I have learned much about my nature from Carol Tuttle through Energy Profile and Dressing Your Truth. For those of you not familiar with her programs, the basic natures have some key words. For example, 1s are bright and animated, 2s are soft and subtle and so forth.

For years, I believed I was a type 1. The reality was, I never felt settled with the idea of being a 1. In my features I saw t1, t2, t3 and type unknown. I kept going back and forth with 1 and 3 because I thought I saw more of those in me, then 2. I set the intention to know my type. I wasn't super focused on this intention, really I wrote it in my journal and forgot about it.

I was working on self healing. One day I decided to look at type 2 as a possibility. When this happened I finally found something that settled. I realized all of my "unknown" features were type 2, making 2 my more dominant features. I started understanding what Carol said about my type. Before I had just been trying to manipulate type 1 to fit me. I feel no need to change the type 2. If I don't match exactly I have an understanding of how circumstance and secondary affect where I vary, which is rarely far.

Last December, I started having experiences in which I felt calm and peaceful. This was new to me. It felt like type 2 energy for the first time I could remember. This is when I feel joy. Joy for me is peaceful and calming. There is something so comfortable about this feeling. When I felt that peace I knew what I was doing right for me.

Lately, I have had so much fun with working with people on sessions. I enjoy connecting one on one with people. I also noted that I was feeling upbeat and type 1ish which is not true to my dominant. I felt happy but not joy. I felt little promptings that something was off. I knew that I was coming across more like my secondary and not my dominant nature.

Recently, I had a session that went really fast. To fill the time she did work on me in return. I'm feeling the peace and calm again. Why didn't I find this for myself? I was so focused on other areas I couldn't see the forest for the trees.

I'm not completely sure why I was coming from my second. I think maybe because I was doing things so very out of my element. I was putting myself out there in a big way, which is fine to a point as long as I return to self after. It serves as a reminder. If I'm not feeling calm and peaceful, then I get to discover why I am disconnected from my authentic self.

In order to know when you are not being true to you, you'll need to know your type or motivation. I know that if a type 1 isn't having fun they are disconnected from self. See Carol's information for more on what ways of being is more in line with your true nature. If you aren't feeling it then see what needs to change in order to be authentic. Could be a different approach to your tasks, could be taking the right kinds of breaks, or it could be you need a healing session. Also, make sure that you really are the type you think you are.

Here is another thing to note about when you are not being authentic. When we are trying to be something we are not, whether we are conscious of it or not, it is very draining to us. If you are meant to be upbeat and you're not being so, then you'll find yourself drained of energy. On the contrary when you are being upbeat, and that is not your authentic self, you'll find yourself drained of energy.

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Healer of the Heart


  1. Your words:
    "When we are trying to be something we are not, whether we are conscious of it or not, it is very draining to us. If you are meant to be upbeat and you're not being so, then you'll find yourself drained of energy."
    This is so true!. Just being aware of it makes such a difference.

  2. I've always found that letting go of expectations, doing what brings me joy gives me energy and peace. That usually involves creative activities like painting, spiritual pursuits/sharing or cooking.

    Nice that you've found something that works for you.

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

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    1. Thank you. I know a lot of people that would think creative tasks are far from what energizes them. It's great that we all are unique and can find many ways to find our own energy and peace!

  3. I love this, have not heard of these different personality types before, but it makes sense. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I am happy you found your tree in the forest, or something like that :) I am not sure what all of the numbers mean to you, but maybe we are more than numbers. Maybe we can all question if we want to be in a number box? Interesting info. Thank you!

    1. "Boxes" are just a part of what humans do. Even those that say they don't. One of the first boxes is, "Are you male or female?" Others are old or young, right brained or left brained, etc. It helps us as humans to categorize things. The problems come when we forget that these are generalizations to help us with a level of understanding and start thinking this means we have to fit the "box" to a tee.

      Of course we are unique individuals. Like snowflakes no two people are alike.

      The 4 types are a general way of thinking. It helps me to get along with people better, as well as understand myself. I understand that some people have disconnected thoughts, they flit from one idea to another and boy do they have GREAT ideas. Others, like me need a more methodical approach, this happens, then this, etc. We're great at planning. The next group usually have a lot of things going at once, but unlike some they finish them all, they LOVE results. The final of the 4 groups, have a very precise, black and white way of seeing the world. They're able to focus on one thing from start to finish and often can see where to improve on what has been done.

      Of course we have all of the traits within us. We have one that is most natural to us and we feel best when we are using it. I have situations where I can see any one of these types showing up.

      It is the same with systems that break down into 5, 9, 16 and one of my favorites 32. It doesn't take away uniqueness. It adds understanding.

      I appreciate that not everyone wants to have that understanding. I appreciate that not everyone is going to agree with these types nor any other system. That's okay. They're here for people like me. :)

      I do very much appreciate your feedback! Thank you!

  5. I believe that within us we each have many different characteristics and all different sides of ourselves. Depending on the time of our lives and what are goals and passions are at the time can also make some character traits more dominant than others.

    It's a wonderful, peaceful place to be when you are true to yourself. So glad for you that you have found that place for yourself!

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  7. At the end of the day, being authentic, for me at least, is becoming comfortable with who we are: 1 or 2, extrovert or introvert, Gemini or Virgo. I really agree with Tonya: where we are in our life journey greatly influences our dominant traits and motivations.