February 27, 2013


Oh, this is my all time favorite essential oil. It's really funny too because I don't like peppermint candy!

This oil, especially when added to a citrus, is super great for lifting the spirit. We've used this oil to help with alertness and motion sickness while driving.

As a mom I could not be without this oil.

Got a fever? Use peppermint on the feet, neck and forehead. Be super careful not to get it in eyes, if you have a young child you may want to avoid the forehead. Also, be sure to dilute for young skin.

Got a stuffy nose? Smell some peppermint and notice what a difference it makes!

Got a sunburn? Love peppermint for this! It has a cooling affect on the burn. It also helps it heal, especially when added with a burn oil, such as lavender or roman chamomile.

Got a tummy ache? Super oil to use for digestive ailments. Rub right on the tummy. A note of warning to expectant mothers, be very careful when using this oil. It can sometimes be used but do your research first!

Believe it or not the oil that is often used for alertness helps my brain settle down to sleep. It's an oil to help with focus. My mind will often run 2,000 miles per an hour. At times like these peppermint gets my brain focused enough to sleep.

A friend had was experiencing a numb yet painful thumb after some surgery on her back. Her arm had gone to sleep and left her with this weird pain since. We put peppermint on it and she felt instant relief for the first time in years.

These are just a few of the MANY uses of peppermint. In my opinion every one should have this oil.

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis

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