February 05, 2013

Soul Purpose

I often hear people talk about soul purpose. I also hear people talking about the idea that if you are in alignment with your "soul" then you'll have the success you desire. Before we can know our soul purpose it is important to know what the soul is.

Many people misunderstand what the soul is. They refer to an essence that we come from or our spirit. The soul is actually made up of a physical body and spirit. Some would even say body, mind and spirit. What all is a part of the soul isn't as important as understanding that it takes at least 2 components, one of them being our body. This means that our "soul" purpose is really the purpose of our lifetime here on earth.

We each chose to come here to earth to experience aspects of having a physical body. Some would argue that we don't have a life lesson even though they then say that we came to experience an aspect of God. Isn't that the same thing? Our lesson is to find a way to live the aspect that we wanted to experience. Often this is the exact opposite of what we have experienced throughout our lives. For example maybe we wanted to experience being powerful and yet all through life we find ourselves in very powerless situations. These are the things that when we find them and recognize these aspects of ourselves we often cry. I feel inside that my spirit is saying, "Finally, you see it! You recognize you."

To enable us on our journey we have spiritual gifts, similar to those I mention in "Wisdom, Knowledge and Discernment." When we find tasks that are in alignment with our spiritual gifts we experience the rush that we talk about as being "on purpose." I believe that along with the things we want to experience or learn there are also things that we want to accomplish, such as helping others on their path. This is another area in which we feel that same "on purpose" rush. If we came to teach we can experience that rush as a regular teacher, as a parent, as a tutor, as an author, or in many other ways. Some will appeal to us more than others.

It is important to find those things that give us that rush. "Men are, that they might have joy." (Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:25) God didn't send us to earth to be miserable. He wants all of His children to choose joy. Being on purpose brings us joy.

Also, I believe that when people experience "success" from living on purpose they are actually doing both, recognizing who they are and doing what they came here to do. The combination is very powerful.

Another thing to note is that there are many ways to look at purpose. I've mentioned 2 and I know there are others. When you hear about purpose ask yourself what aspect they may be talking about. Some people will say you can only have one soul purpose or that it never changes. Others will say you can have many and they are changing as we change. This makes sense when you see how they define purpose.

My purpose of "leading others to truth" is one of those that never changes. Depending on what I choose to do with my life depends on how that shows up. Once I was tutoring AutoCAD. As I helped others learn the program I was living one temporary aspect of my purpose.

Have you found your purpose?

From my heart to yours,


Intuitive Healer of the Heart
at Heart Style

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