March 29, 2013

Personality vs Nature

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about Feeling Authentic. As I read through some of the comments I realized that soon I would be writing this post. I want to clarify the difference between personality and nature.

Personality is ever changing. In reality we create personality. We choose, whether conscious or not, to act certain ways in certain kinds of situations. Some of the things that affect this are birth order, other family dynamics, religious and community cultures, stages of life, etc. Personality can change from one activity to the next. One of my favorite examples to illustrate this is a tough dude and a baby. Take a big, tough dude and hand him a baby. You will see instant change! Will he get flustered and afraid of dropping the baby? Will he go all gaga and coo at the little one? There will be an instant change of some sort, this is personality.

I first became aware of personality when I was a teen or possibly even younger. My mom would say, "I hope you don't treat your friends like this." Is it necessary to say that it was said when I was fighting with my brother? Of course I didn't act that way with my friends. In some ways being at home allowed me to be the real me and yet there were ways that I couldn't be me. I had my "mom is here" personality. Out with my friends actually flipped those and so the ways I couldn't be me at home I could with my friends. At home I could express my anger vocally whereas with friends I'd bury it. In high school I created a personality that allowed me to be a cheerleader. For those that new me in elementary school this would be shocking. I was one shy elementary schooler!

Nature is constant. It shows up in whatever you do and within every personality. It may not be obvious at first but once you understand the thought processes you can see how they do end up subtly, and sometimes obviously, expressing themselves throughout your existence. Nature is also always based in dualities, commonly referred to ask masculine and feminine.

Do you look at a new event, or information, from a more logical analytic perspective or a more emotional intuitive perspective. I always pass things through my feelings and intuition first. When I consciously choose to do so I can also look at things analytically. This is always a secondary approach.

Another aspect of nature is whether you are more focused or more wavering. Focused people will often go from start to finish on a project. They stay focused on the end result. They can often be closed to new information. I'm more of a wavering type. Some waverish types will start a lot of projects but rarely finish one because something new has come into awareness. I tend to go in and out of projects until sometimes they actually get finished. I also am a lot more open to new ideas then many focused people are, without trying to be. For me to be focused on one thing takes great effort.

One of my favorites to understand is inhibited versus disinhibited. This is not the same as being quiet or shy because of being wounded. There is obvious difference to the trained eye. I can take on quite the hostess role. If someone met me for the first time while in that role, they might mistake me for disinhibited. If they watched close they would realize that I rarely interrupt, allowing others to say what they want or need. They would also see that I hold back, until I see safe openings, before I introduce myself to others. When I enter a new situation I will wait until I am comfortable before I interact. Other types of inhibited people could wait for other reasons.

There are other aspects of nature. It is my belief that we'll find it easier to live on purpose as we embrace our true natures. When we understand what is truth about us we can utilize the knowledge to create or dismantle personalities. Consciously being aware that we are using a personality gives us power. I know that certain situations are not in alignment with my true nature. I can choose to do them by preparing for and following up with self care. I can choose to avoid them. I can choose to delegate. I can even choose to find a way to do them while staying true to me. The choice is mine therefor the power is mine.

March 28, 2013


Lavender is probably one of the most well known essential oils out there. In many ways it is known as one of the few must haves, even if you don't use any other oils.

It is known as a calming oil. It is used to help many go to sleep at night, it is used by some to calm disruptive children, and even calm the pain of a sunburn. As with all oils not everything works the same with everyone. For me this oil didn't help with sleep.

In fact for me this oil was a problem. I would get horrible headaches whenever I smelled this oil. In fact most flower oils did this for me as well. Then I learned that because of the particular hormone imbalance I experienced I needed to actually avoid phytoestrogens which are found in Lavender.

As I have been healing some of the benefits have been some changes in my makeup. I no longer get headaches from lavender, although I still react to some phytoestrogen. It's a start, right?

There were still times in which we have used Lavender. Like I mentioned above it is great for use with burns. In fact there are some places where the paramedics carry Lavender oil to treat burn victims. Here's another tidbit on burns. Put the oil on the burn immediately but do NOT put the burn in water. Obviously if you don't have any essential oil the side affects of water are worth the cooling that water offers. Water actually contributes to the blistering. If you just use oils the skin has a better chance of sticking back down and healing.

Other ways that Lavender has been used. Putting it on cuts. My baby boy had gotten cut with knife. My mom immediately put Lavender on it and the next day she couldn't even see where he got cut. She also confided that she didn't think to wash the cut first. Good thing Lavender has antiseptic properties.

Some other uses for lavender are for allergies, bee stings, some types of headaches and some kinds of depression. As with all I mention about oils, use Google. I often read what others say, even if they are from different companies. I also follow inspiration about when and where to use the oils.

Happy Oiling! :)

Michele Lewis

March 11, 2013

Giving Your Heart and Soul

On my road to healing, I have more than once been introduced to the concept of Soul Retrieval. Today, as I was working to gather in my soul, and more importantly what is in the way of full retrieval, I had some ideas come to me. As a result is this post.

How often have you said, or heard, someone say, "I put my heart and soul into this relationship." What about projects or businesses? Did you know that while you are doing that a piece of your soul is being left in that project, business or relationship?

It seems to me that we believe this is the way it is supposed to be. I come from a religious background that believes in marriage for Eternity. The idea would then be that you are supposed to give you heart and soul to that companion.

Some events seem to steel our soul. These are truly painful experiences. Our soul isn't really stolen. It may be trapped with a person or place but we still gave a piece away for some reason. As we heal it our soul is free to return to us. Often it will of it's own accord but sometimes there are reasons why we don't allow that to return. When we heal the reason it comes back to us.

We are actually meant to put our love into the relationships, businesses, projects, etc. Love is an ever increasing energy. The more you give the more you receive. When you give your soul, you don't get more soul back!

To illustrate this, let's imagine you are a chair. Someone wants you to be a part of a project or design. Now break off your leg and give it to them. Do more chair legs come back to you because you gave a part of you? Would the chair leg even be of benefit to the person who needed you, the chair?

Our soul is a unique part of us, just like that chair was a unique object. When you put that unique chair with another unique chair you've now created a set. This is what we really want. We want to create companionship with our relationships, businesses, projects, etc. I consider my business it's own entity. I send love and encouragement to my business.

There are cords that attach us to people and things. Even when we've given a piece of our soul away there is also this cord, so we are attached to something and giving ourselves away. Many people believe these cords should be cut. I believe they should be healed. If the cord is ready to be gone, then after the healing it will dissolve. Cords between family and loved ones are important.

Instead of giving your heart and soul away, let's focus love, and healing to relationship and through the cords. We get to stay whole and become a healthy companion to the relationships!

From my heart to yours,

Michele Lewis
Healer of the Heart-n-Spirit

Michele Lewis, Identity Specialist, helping you discover who you are, why you are here, and how to finally live and create the life of your dreams!