March 28, 2013


Lavender is probably one of the most well known essential oils out there. In many ways it is known as one of the few must haves, even if you don't use any other oils.

It is known as a calming oil. It is used to help many go to sleep at night, it is used by some to calm disruptive children, and even calm the pain of a sunburn. As with all oils not everything works the same with everyone. For me this oil didn't help with sleep.

In fact for me this oil was a problem. I would get horrible headaches whenever I smelled this oil. In fact most flower oils did this for me as well. Then I learned that because of the particular hormone imbalance I experienced I needed to actually avoid phytoestrogens which are found in Lavender.

As I have been healing some of the benefits have been some changes in my makeup. I no longer get headaches from lavender, although I still react to some phytoestrogen. It's a start, right?

There were still times in which we have used Lavender. Like I mentioned above it is great for use with burns. In fact there are some places where the paramedics carry Lavender oil to treat burn victims. Here's another tidbit on burns. Put the oil on the burn immediately but do NOT put the burn in water. Obviously if you don't have any essential oil the side affects of water are worth the cooling that water offers. Water actually contributes to the blistering. If you just use oils the skin has a better chance of sticking back down and healing.

Other ways that Lavender has been used. Putting it on cuts. My baby boy had gotten cut with knife. My mom immediately put Lavender on it and the next day she couldn't even see where he got cut. She also confided that she didn't think to wash the cut first. Good thing Lavender has antiseptic properties.

Some other uses for lavender are for allergies, bee stings, some types of headaches and some kinds of depression. As with all I mention about oils, use Google. I often read what others say, even if they are from different companies. I also follow inspiration about when and where to use the oils.

Happy Oiling! :)

Michele Lewis

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