May 17, 2013

Being Me

A path of arrows going the same way.
For those of you familiar with me you will notice a color change on my site. A while back I had a friend that made my newer logo. I love my logo. To me it represents a metamorphosis of both the heart and the spirit. These two traits are very me.

At the time that I received my new logo, I was spending a lot of time on another person's site. I liked her color choices and I had connected them with the ideas of my site. Therefor I used a similar color.

The other night I was reading a book about branding. I asked myself, "Do people see me when they come to my site?" The answer was no. I'm a soft and nurturing kind of woman. I'm romantic and loving as a natural way of being. I changed my site colors to look more like what I think would be me. I'm happy with them and other's have expressed that it looks more like me as well.

The reality is that this was just a mirror of the kind of things I've done my whole life. Many of us do this. We hang out with certain people and may make choices that aren't really what we want. Maybe we wear certain kinds of clothes just because it's the in thing to do. We may even choose jobs based on what others expect. I know I went to college where I did because I didn't think people would support me in going to school for drama. I believed that they would say that I had to get a "real" job.

It's really important, for our joy factor, for us to choose to live in our own identity. I'm not ready to really dress like me. I have some beliefs to work on. I can choose, however, to find ways to bring my identity into my dress in subtle ways. The more I do this, I find the better I feel in my outfits. Each step brings me closer to expressing the real me. One day, I'll totally dress like me. As I choose careers that are true to me and let myself home school and mommy time the way that works for me, I find happiness and more cooperation in my children.

Become the yellow arrow going it's own way.
My advice? If you have an area that isn't joyful in your life, ask first, "What am I doing that is not being true to me?" You might be surprised at the answers.

A note about the pictures. These white arrows are painted on the entire path at the park in my neighborhood. Even the yellow one was painted there. I found it very fitting that we were walking against the arrows, talking about making our own path and then we came across the yellow arrow. Becoming our true identity is making our own path.


  1. Hi Michele, I love your post today! I agree that it's so important to be us. It is easy to try to be like others and realize that just isn't who we are. :)

  2. Wishing you MANY yellows arrows as you pick your path (and your colors...).

    1. Thank you! Besides the colors for my site, I'm thinking other colors for arrows too! :) I intend to leave a rainbow of arrows going MY way!

  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. "Becoming our true identity is making our own path". I love it!

    1. Thank you. It's a layered process but definitely worth each positive change!

  4. Being me is so important and can be a challenge especially in this online world where there is so much noise about branding etc
    I love the idea of rainbows to add the brightness that you are
    Great question too

    namaste xx

    1. Thank you Suzie. Yeah it is easy to get caught up in the branding suggestions and remembering to stay true to the real us can be a challenge. I love rainbows! :)

  5. There are many doing this right now. Even at may age I am learning to be me. I still need to work on finding my voice and standing up for myself at times. Enjoyed your post!
    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

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