May 25, 2013

Goal Changes

As I reported last time, week 1 of my goal was fantastic. I was feeling good and really anxious for class. By the end of the second week we are supposed to be in a place to soar into action.

Week two was a struggle. Getting a way to measure my success was hard. Life decided to throw me some stuff. I had said, "This is what I want to work on." The universe said, "Ok, here you go," and threw me a whole bunch at once!

I thought I was doing great. Somehow filing for a divorce had turned into "being my authentic self". Then yesterday I was out and about. I saw a tall, thin blond and immediately went into, "That is what guys want." That is when I remembered what I had wanted for my goal. It wasn't to be authentic. It was to know that I am lovable, desirable, to actually believe I can be someone's ideal.

Woops! I realized that I had managed to get myself side tracked. Somehow I had gone from desiring this true love of myself to wanting to be me. It is different enough to make a difference.

So, I have changed my goal. Now my goal affirmation is: I am feeling peace, love, and joy now that I am in love with and cherish me. That is right folks, I get to fall in love with me over the next few weeks! :) As a side benefit I will likely start being more authentic as the weeks progress! ;)

I am filing for divorce as a way to honor my heart. I am giving my husband his stuff, including sorting through the dishes and Christmas, as a way of giving my mind and spirit some peace. I am falling in love with each part of me, one day at a time!

I'm super excited and I will be happy to report back to you as time continues!

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