May 03, 2013

Two Opposing Beliefs

What happens when you have two opposing beliefs?

Recently I realized the answer. I have believed in my ability to inspire people for a long time. I have had so many people tell me that I inspired them. This made it an easier belief to believe.

My passion is to inspire. They say once you live in passion you'll achieve your dreams right? Why then if I believe I am inspiring and this is my passion have I been struggling?

Imagine that you are being pulled in two different directions. One of the pulling forces represents a positive moving forward belief, like I am inspiring. Now the other pulling force is a limiting belief, like I am unwanted. They will both tug on you with all their strength.

Now let's say the limiting belief is stronger. It keeps pulling and eventually you begin to move backwards toward that negative side of life. You would not even try to inspire because the belief that you are unwanted is stronger then the belief that you inspire.

Now let's say the limiting belief is equal to your positive belief. You may occasionally actually say something inspiring. Maybe even write fantastic, inspiring things. You are not likely to get very many readers, because you still believe you are unwanted. Basically you won't go anywhere, you'll be stuck.

Now let's say your positive belief is stronger then the limiting belief. This time you will move forward. You'll share your inspiration. You'll even reach a few people. You'll start to feel great. Sadly, you will still move slow at best.

Now what happens when you eliminate the negative limiting belief? That's right, you'll zoom into action. You'll not only believe that you are inspiring you'll believe that you are wanted! Watch out world here she comes!

Artwork provided by my truly awesome son Andrew.


  1. Hi Michele,
    Really an interesting perspective. I like the way you have explained this tag-of-war is left all upon us to decide what direction we want to take.

    1. Thank you. It's true it really is our choice.

  2. Always working on making the positive belief side stronger than the negative. What I always notice is how much I gravitate to others when THEY are positive!

    1. I've noticed how many more positive people show up in my life. It's really cool.

      I've actually learned how to say good bye to limiting beliefs and that is even more amazing.

      Thanks for the great comment!

  3. Love the drawings from Andrew- he's got talent
    How true, being positive can change so much and how wonderful you have said goodbye to limiting beliefs
    I know these days i remove myself from negative situations and they do not serve me
    with love

    1. Thanks Suzie. I'll tell Andrew you said so. I have been very impressed with his skills and grateful to have him home right now.

      The more we empower our positive beliefs and eliminate the limiting ones the easier it is to stay out of those situations, or at least have the strength to set boundaries and leave when necessary. Good for you!

      Love to you as well!

  4. A post that read the ranting in my mind... found this post searching for a "tug-of-war" picture.
    Thanks for words that helped alleviate some of my own struggle. I'll be pinging you in the post this pic was meant for! via

    1. I'm glad you found this. How serendipitous. :) My son drew the pictures because I wasn't finding anything I liked. I think being reminded of this post is good timing for me as well. Thanks Cindy!