June 18, 2013

Beautiful To You

In our class we have a focus each week that we can use to improve our lives as well as move forward in our goal. This week it has been about creating peaceful relationships. We were asked to focus on 3 relationships and even told what one of those would be. That one? The relationship with me.

It's totally perfect for moving me forward in my goal. How can I love myself, if I am at war with myself? Only here was the challenge as well. How do you set clear boundaries with yourself? How do you shift yourself out of that limiting self-talk? This has been my dilemma for a few days, or we could say years.

Today, I was talking to a friend about it. She shared with me a suggestion that had been given to her when she was going through the same kind of thing. She picked a song that would take her to a happy place. She had it on her phone so she could play it whenever she found herself in that battle.

I was worried. How could I choose a happy song when I know that in the past happy songs just made things worse? I had a song come to mind. It's not a "happy song" so I was discounting it at first. The song is in my play list, which doubles as my alarm. It was no coincidence that just moments after my conversation with my friend my alarm went off. Guess which song was first up for today.

I came to a clear awareness today. Some people will benefit from "happy" songs, pictures, memories, etc. Some people like myself do best with songs that can get through to the love-peace core of who I am. Often it's the spiritual songs that can get me out of my funk. If you are looking for a solution to a similar problem, what kind of song or reminder would work for you?

I have included a video of the song that I love so much. I had never sung it with myself in mind before. I would love for you to listen and while you do, imagine that you are singing to yourself. It may bring some stuff up, who knows. For me it was healing. It send shivers through my whole body and I of course cried.

Please note. I don't really know what Reece's Rainbow is. I get that they assist beautiful Down Syndrome babies into loving families. This video is about that, before's and afters. If it's distracting then please close your eyes and just immerse yourself in the song that speaks to my soul.