June 08, 2013

Being Me

We've had 4 goal classes so far. This last week we met our Gurus. Let me tell you, mine is awesome! She's pretty, smart, sexy, wise, capable, authentic, inspiring, etc.

One of the things my guru suggested was finding the belief under my thoughts about romance.

See I'm a born romantic. Sometimes, this is really hard! I seriously was saying, "Romance hurts!" I've never really had it in my life so it hurt to be a romantic. Watching romantic movies didn't fulfill my needs, they just made me more aware of what I was missing.

What was under the concept of romance hurting? This belief, "Being me hurts." Woah, did I just say that? Here I am striving for authenticity. Wanting to be me in all places and at all times and I believe that being me hurts? No wonder it has been so hard!

This is a bandaid I found to
wear as a reminder of how
healing I am.
I love my new belief! Being me is healing. I love how encompassing that is. I heal myself by being me. I offer healing to others by being me. Even saying it or thinking it just shifts me right back into my peace-love me space!

As for the rest of my goal?

Well, I realized filing for divorce has become a way of locking in one of my why's. I'm taking steps each weekday to move that forward.

I've found cool ways to get my room to a place where working on decluttering is easier. My desire to clear out my ex's stuff is stronger. I'm looking forward to the Feng Shui results of that. :)

I'm finding my mind is open to more tools for loving each aspect of me. I love being short! I love my hair and eyes. I have super cute freckles! I'm working my way around my body parts. By then end I will know I am one sexy lady!

My love of my natural inhibitedness and the way I jump from subject to subject has locked in. I see how truly beneficial they are to my life purpose!

Deciding that being me is healing has just increased the ability to achieve this goal by innumerable times. I am so excited!

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