June 25, 2013


Last Wednesday I made one of the biggest steps of my life! I have been separated from my husband for over 3 years. I have known that it would be best for us to move on from each other. I just couldn't find the courage within me to file for divorce. I finally did it!

A few weeks ago I looked at my beliefs around courts and paperwork. I found a lot of beliefs came from when my parents divorced back when I was 12. For 28 years these beliefs have ruled my life! With them gone, I found the paperwork fairly easy and, although I took J with me, I realized that I was totally ok filing by myself. Him being there just saved a step because he could sign the acceptance form and admit he's been served. :)

Now there is a 90 day waiting period, required by Utah law, with a few to do's in the meantime. We then can file the final paper work in the middle of September and have word back by the beginning of October. Oh boy that means that I could easily be dating for my birthday in December! A little nervous. :)

This was the first major part of my goal. The next major part is getting J's stuff out of my place and into his! I am so excited for the Feng Shui aspects of this. I've already found some of my "missing" things and I have quite the collection of things to take to him. The very corner of the top picture is a bunch of dishes that have been in those boxes for 5 years. That would be a side effect of living with parents. I have probably already gone through half of the boxes! I've trashed, shredded and repacked. I'm loving knowing what is where and really moving forward!

As I've been going I have been working on beliefs. I'm really excited about the most recent belief. I found it under about 3 different threads of thinking. The belief was, "I am a mistake." Wow! Did I really have that running? Yes, I did. I cognitively knew that there are no mistakes or accidents. This would include me. I'm grateful for the opportunity to change this. Now I'm totally feeling that I am planned perfection! What a huge step towards loving me!

I'm also loving the side benefits of this loving me stuff. I find myself desiring to take better care of myself. I'm finding my intuition has increased! I'm happier!

Up next? I get to be on a ropes course this week! I am so excited!

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  1. I have SO been in this exact same place (went through a divorce back in early 90's). Please know that you are making great progress and you will come out on the other side. Have fun at the ropes course!

    1. I had a blast at ropes! There were a lot of great learning moments. :)This is the link to my first post on it: http://www.heart-n-spirit.com/2013/06/ropes-part-1-my-choice.html

      It took a bit to get here but yeah I am making huge progress. I'm already feeling the awesome benefits of doing this for myself. My room will be in order by the end of the week and I am so excited!

      It feels so good to move forward. Even for those that divorce is not the answer I know that there are a lot of people stuck somewhere in their life. Just move! It's so worth the movement!

  2. Michele, Congratulations! I hear you more than you know. I am inspired by your courage. Much Love!

    1. Suzanne, thank you! You are so inspiring and it is fun to know that I can return the inspiration! Love returned 10 times!