June 15, 2013

State Change

In science a state change is when something, like ice, goes from solid, to liquid, to gas or back again. I personally am not likely to change into a liquid or gas, although some hot summer days I do begin to wonder. State change for me is a matter of changing my stance, attitude or environment so that I can get what I want.

This week started out awful. I was not a nice person to be around. I was doing my usual things. I was releasing energy, I was feeling my feelings, I was going for a walk, etc. Nothing was changing. I didn't like being how I was and yet I couldn't figure out what to do in order to change my state. A few things worked for a bit but then whatever was going on would come right back.

I had an appointment for lunch with a friend. She turned out to be on a juice fast and I didn't have a car. It would have been so easy to just forget it. Lucky for me I stuck with it. She came over and we went to my neighborhood park. For her it was a break she wouldn't have taken. As an entrepreneur she would have just gone home to work. For me it turned out to be magic.

The definition of insanity, as you've probably heard, is doing the same thing and expecting different results. In my walks I either was bringing my junk thinking with me or bringing one of the family with me. Going to that same park with my friend was doing something different. It gave me a chance to focus on other things and seriously allow the break to take affect.

Not everyone would benefit from a break with a friend. You'll know. If that friend is someone that you share all your problems with, will there really be a state change? Some people need to take breaks from people in general.

Sometimes a state change really is as easy as saying things like, "I am peaceful." Sometimes it is as easy as changing how you are standing. If you want to feel confident, stand that way and it will change your state.

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