July 29, 2013

Ropes Part 4- My Moment

Have you ever been in a moment that you just knew you were in that moment? Nothing else mattered? What did you feel? What did you think about? Did you think about the past? Did you think about the future? Did you care what people thought of you?

One of the challenges we had on Ropes course was climbing the pole pictured  here. I consider this my moment because I was completely in my moment. I wasn't thinking about where I was going, what I would do when I got there, or anything but the very moment I was in.

I thought, "Next hook." "Up." The whole time. I barely heard the people around me. I am pretty sure they were cheering me on. :) I was completely focused until I got to the top and the sun came through the trees. Then my thoughts changed to "They need one more hook!" "Dang sun, no distractions." "How am I supposed to keep going when I can't see?"

Oops! I was distracted! I got a little scared up there and almost got stuck.

Here's what I have learned to do when I get stuck. I say, "How can I?" It's amazing what happens when a person asks themselves such questions and then actually chooses to listen to and follow the answer. In this case the answer was simply, "Just do it."

I loved climbing up the pole. I had many friends that struggled. I found it easy to do. I had struggles on other challenges that they found easy, or at least they didn't let on were a challenge. The only reason this was easy for me was my complete focus in the moment. At the top I changed focus.

At the top I was aware of how out of breath I was. I was aware of how shaky legs were from the exercise they weren't used to. I became aware of how high I was. I didn't feel like I would have the time I wanted to regain my breath and legs before I had to jump off. I didn't even feel like I could communicate with those below because I couldn't speak through my ragged breathing.

Up at the top all the mind chatter starts in. Doubts about myself. Fears about the height. Fears about what others would think if I waited, didn't wait, if I sat down, or whatever.

How many times are we in a moment and then become aware that people are watching us? I notice this all the time. I talk to myself while I drive. I sing and dance with the car radio and then I realize that other drivers are looking at me. I end up stopping. I end up hiding.

It's like me at the top of the pole. Going up I was so in the moment. It was easy. It was fun. Then I got to the top and let myself get out of the moment. All of the sudden I wanted to stop and hide.

Of course I jumped off the pole. I had to get down somehow. :) It was fun and I felt almost like I was flying.

I know people that live in the moment. They are some of the most powerful and inspiring people that I know. They are asking themselves what they want and then they are doing it. The let go of judgment and just are.

What would happen if we all lived this way? What would happen if when I notice someone looking at me while I dance and sing in my car, instead of stopping, I just chose to wave and smile?

Here's what I think would happen. Magic. We'd inspire others to live in the moment. We'd show others that it is ok to be in the moment too.

I recently was at a parade. It was just me and my 20 year old son. No little kids were with me. I was waving, screaming and flirting just like I would have 23 years ago. I was having a blast. The best part was that those in the parade always waved back, smiled and flirted back. It didn't matter that I was a 40 year old versus a child. It mattered that I was totally enjoying the moment which inspired them to enjoy that moment too.

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