August 15, 2013


Oh my gosh. I've been stuck!

I thought for sure that if I were to file for divorce and get that area of my life moving that other areas would move too. Have you ever thought, "If I do this, then that will happen?" Of course, we all have. What happened when you were wrong?

I was wrong. Oh sure I've been moving on in some ways.
What I didn't count on is my habit to get stuck, freeze and eventually start moving backwards if I don't make conscious effort to move forward. This is my pattern.

I didn't count on feeling no desire to write. I know that sounds crazy to those of you that love to read what I have to say. I didn't count on finding a big why not for making my own business. One that I am stuck on. I didn't plan on my whole life turning upside down. I didn't expect to be moving. I didn't plan on putting my kids back in school. I didn't plan on a lot of things happening. My initial response to anything going unexpected is to freeze! I know now that this is my pattern.

We all have patterns. Do you know yours? If we know our patterns we can change them. We can learn from them. When they show up we can change how we respond, we can change our feelings about them, etc.

I was reminded today that there are 4 areas that people lean towards using for change. I'm guessing that it will be easiest to notice your patterns in the same areas that you find it easiest to apply change.

Some people love to work with the mind. Change your thoughts and change your experience. These are the people that love to tell you to use affirmations. I call them Mental People. No they aren't crazy they just approach life initially from a mental and logical approach.

Some people love to work with the emotions. Change your emotions, deal with your emotions, express your emotions and every thing else will change. These are the people I refer to as Heart People.

Some people love to work with actions. They see that if they change their actions then every thing else will change too. These are the Body People.

Some people love to work with energy and things unseen. They see that there could be energetic causes under everything, but more than that they see that people can come into this experience with those. These are the Spirit People.

If you've noticed my site is Heart-n-Spirit, that's because these are my favorite areas to work with. In fact the whole action thing is so hard for me to grasp. I change things energetically and emotionally and the actions just naturally change in response.

I believe that we can all use each of these areas, even I can change my actions. I believe we lean towards one or two as a general rule. The most powerful changes occur when all four areas are used. If you can only bring yourself to change one, that's ok. A change in any area will effect the rest and the results in your life will be different.

Good luck with seeing your own patterns and more importantly changing them. Lots of love to you!

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