December 29, 2014

The Power of Words

There is something so incredibly powerful in what we say things. Yet, as humans, we so often forget. Some people have never learned just how powerful their words are. The two most powerful words are I am. They create our beliefs and thereby create our realities.

I recently had a date with a man that used a phrase that began with I am. He seemed to be saying it with jest. I'm guessing as a way of dealing with the pain of being accused of being that way. What was really happening as he declared that I am?

Every time he said this phrase he gave power to the words. Your creating forces don't decipher between jest and sincerity. They create from the literal words we think or say. Every time he spoke the phrase he reaffirmed within himself and through his creative power that he is that way. The more he says it the truer it will be. What could have been a minor, easily reversed trait, could turn into a full-blown problem, because he is repeating the phrase.

Repetition gives power to our "I am" statements and is one of the key ways we program beliefs into our system. When someone finds that they have a negative belief they will begin to release it as they acknowledge the truth about what they believe. They then can use ways to speed the release process, or continue to allow it to release at a slower speed as it's replaced. The next step is to find ways to repetitively affirm the "new", positive belief. We train our brain what to believe, in this case consciously choosing to put a good or healthy thought in.

There was something else that happened when he did this repetitive I am statement. He drew my focus to seeing those traits in him. I was noticing his behavior, things that matched the belief he was trying to joke about. The reality is, I may not have thought much about those things had he not been saying anything. When we say something about us we engage others in looking for that about us.

When we are declaring things we don't fully believe to be true about us it often comes off as egotistical. The people observing us can sense the incongruity. People who seem egotistical are often trying to convince themselves, whereas confident people have an inner knowing. The examples of egotistical people often keep us from declaring the truth about us. We don't want to appear to be egotistical ourselves. We might be more willing to declare the truth if we understood this concept.

When I say "I am beautiful," others to see it, and more importantly because I know it I recognize how beautiful other people are. When we really believe something about us, good or bad, we naturally see that in others. This is often referred to as the mirror effect. This mirror is a great way to clue us into the thoughts and words we may be saying about ourselves.

Watch your words. There is a great power in them. Watch your thoughts as well. Keeping our mouths shut, when the thoughts still say it, doesn't change the creative power enough to make a difference. The thought can be just as powerful. When you notice you have a trait you don't like showing up in your words and thoughts, take time to evaluate what you really believe about yourself and make a change. You can do this. I believe in you.

With love and Light,

Michele Lewis
Identity Specialist

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December 22, 2014

Changing Focus, What Do I Want

My healing journey is one of constant morphing. An evolution as I am ready for new faster healing and as the people of the world are ready to change faster. Line upon line.

For most of my healing journey, I was looking for what was wrong. Looking for what can I clear or what can I let go of. A few months ago I started focusing to heal a particular relationship. An important relationship in my life that has been dysfunctional. My love for this person has been always been here yet at times, hard to find buried under the pain.

I wanted to clear things up. I knew that I could only change my own response, as well as the something in me that is attracting the experiences. So, I started my typical journey of fixing it by searching for what in me created the problem.

Just recently it dawned on me, I have been going about things backward. I have been focusing on what is wrong. It was time to consciously focus on what was good and what I wanted.

I kind of have done similar with other subjects. I wanted to attract into my experience my husband. I wrote out amazing things about him and our experiences. Then I just enjoy the wait for him to show up. As a belief, emotional or other blockage shows up I clear, but I don't go looking for them. What happens is I feel a trigger of sorts and since it's up in my face I clear it out.

I've used this in areas where the other person involved was someone I had never met. I have been afraid of altering the agency of others. The other day it hit me, I can't change them but I can change my experiences of them.

This won't change them, per say. If they are only a certain way with you and no one else, then I guess maybe it would change them. It creates what you will allow in your experience and how you respond. Any behavior they normally do that is not in alignment with what you will energetically allow from them cannot happen in your presence.

Some people call this idea a script. It never fully made sense to me. There was always a part of me that couldn't believe that they would really respond different. It was because while writing scripts before I was actually trying to change them. I was writing that they did this or that. This time it's all about me. My experience is... This allows them to stay them. If they cannot match my experience of them, then they would drop out of my experience until they have healed and changed to be in alignment with my energy. I like that too, the idea that they can return.

Using meditative writing, you too can try it. Pick an easy relationship that may only have a small issue to test it, or go ahead and pick a big one. If you feel resistance to the idea that it would work, then heal on the resistance first.

It's only been a short while for mine, but here is what I have already noticed different. Some of the same behavior that bugged me is still happening, but I don't react to it in the same way. Some things they did are even starting to go away. I don't feel the need to run away from being in the same room.

There is still an area that bugs me, and I realized I didn't write about that area. If I had written about it, then I would know that it is showing up to be released. I am focusing on what I want in a bigger way than I have ever done before and in so doing I am experiencing more than I have. When something wants to be healed it shows up for attention. Now my energy can say, “Oh you want things that way? Well, this is here in your way.” I heal and move on, again focusing on what I want.

I wanted this relationship healed for Christmas. I started nearly 3 months ago. I've been healing all along for this, but missing the real issues, as I was searching for what I thought was wrong. Just in time for Christmas things have switched incredibly. Now my energy has permission to let me know what really is in the way.

May you find healing in your life. Heal your relationships or other challenges in life, by focusing on what you want and just allowing. Allow the healing to show up for you, vs forcing it.

In love and light,


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December 15, 2014

What if... Just Breath

What if.... What if it were so simple to change things in your life? What if you could ask yourself any questions and get the answers, freeing up your experience? What if you have all the answers inside of you? What if you are only led to other people's information because you are not yet ready to find the answers for yourself?

How can you get in touch with these answers? It's surprisingly simple. One key ingredient is breath.

Taking deep, deep breaths. Filling up the lungs from the bottom all the way to the top and then expressing the air from the bottom and squeezing out the air from the top. Do this for 3 or 4 times and then continue to breath deeply but now let thoughts and feelings surface. Sometimes they can just easily be expelled on the breath. Sometimes you can suggest to yourself that it be set aside so that you can write about it. Keep doing this until you feel very relaxed and peaceful. Let go or set aside.

Now that you are relaxed and peaceful it is time to write. You have two main choices here. We don't want to allow the conscious mind to prevent this information from coming out of you so we write in a way that is fast.

Choice 1: For me I can type really well so I type with my eyes closed. Oh yeah my screen can look quite pretty, especially when I am off the keys. It looks like this. Jrtr od smf rc[s,;r pg jpe o ;ppld ejrm zo s, pgg yjr lrudz fprd oy eptl gpt upiz This funky typing is ok and doesn't need to be fixed if you are just expelling the garbage inside. It doesn't work so well when you are writing things out want to keep. I try not to backspace or correct as I'm going as this just stops the flow of the heart and let's that conscious side in.

Choice 2: The other method we have is hand writing. There is something therapeutic about writing coming through the hands in this method. I think it's a great way to purge out stuff. Please feel free to use this method, especially as you are beginning.

One of the keys to this kind of thing is speed. The faster you can get it out the more likely it is from the spirit and heart. Don't reread, try not to correct anything as you write. If it is important to keep writing in that flow. You can correct it after you are done.

Now here are some questions you can ask. Once you ask just allow the answers to come out. Don't sensor yourself. You may be surprised at what comes out.

How can I? You can continue to ask by adding a specific. How can I clear this issue with money?

What do I feel? This is a good general purge because you don't have to specify and you can let go of anything that is in your system.

What if... insert events or situations. Example: What if I was given a million dollars today?

These of course are just a few of the things you can ask. You can ask any questions. If you find you have a suggestion from a book or video to take a minute and write out answers to questions use their questions and this breathing technique.

Now here is some of the benefit. As many of you know people suggest writing all the time. Write out your money story is a frequent suggestion. I've tried this so many times over the years. I might get 5 minutes worth of stuff and it's all surface, all conscious thoughts I was already aware of. I knew I was not getting the real stuff and it frustrated. So when I learned how to write from such a relaxed place I decided to try my money story. If I got stuck I would breath and release the blockages and then keep writing; 45 minutes later I had it out. Well at least on the two questions I was asking myself.

What did I do after the purge of my money story? I wrote. I wrote a new money story. I allowed a positive flow of whatever came to flow out of me. I wrote and I wrote. I saved that story and deleted the old money story.

Here's a thing about writing this way. I don't always know what I wrote. I may have tidbits in my conscious mind. People rave about some of what I write and I am thinking, “I wonder what I said.” Now I sometimes have edited enough to know. I also have had things come out of me that were such a surprise that I remember. Don't worry if you can't remember.

If you are saving it, especially to share with others please be careful while editing. Edit in the relaxed state. It will allow that conscious part of you to edit what the spirit has to say, without the overcritical norms. If you don't edit while in this same relaxed state you will have a disconnect. This disconnect includes the connection anyone could have with what you have had to say.

I learned these writing basics, that I tweaked, from Tom Bird. (Not an affiliate link.) He has a free 'cd' for download that has a guide to getting in the relaxed state and a subliminal track. I listen to them while I write. If you have any desire to be an author check out his stuff. If you have a desire to just purge out your 'bad' stuff you may still want his subliminal track to listen while you write. It's not necessary as you have all the power within.

Good luck with your purging and writing. If you do this enough and get your own answers enough you will find that you resonate with fewer people in the self-help industry. You will find yourself drawn to people that write and produce from this state. If you are no longer in alignment with my words that's ok because I know this is how life works. We move in and out of alignment with our 'mentors'. Our spirit guiding us to who is best for us in this moment.

If you are feeling aligned with my writings then please subscribe to my newsletter. I do link to my blog articles and even write things there that appear nowhere else.

With thanks, in love and light,

Michele Lewis
Identity Specialist

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December 08, 2014

When passion turns to should

The idea for this post started to form when I did some techniques to assist me with my feelings of overwhelm. I like to do a bubble diagram of all I “need” to do and even add a little note about how I feel about the to do.

One subject is homeschool. It has begun to feel like a should. I felt this same way about writing in my other blog on essential oils. Even some other things in my life, like church, scripture reading and journal writing all at one time or another has felt like a should.

All of these things are in some way inspired. I know that I am supposed to be homeschooling my children. It can be hard work but it is one of the most rewarding endeavors I have ever taken on. I felt prompted and inspired to write the essential oil blog. Yet I spent around a year with 'writers block'. I love reading scriptures, going to church and especially writing in my journal and yet I have had many times when I couldn't force myself to do them.

Why is that? It's because they all became shoulds.

With homeschool it was a matter of people challenging me because some of my children don't read as well as they “should'. We're working with learning disabilities in my home. I'm finding myself stressed because my eleven year old wants friends and I really haven't figured out how to provide that. We're talking about her going to some junior high classes next fall and then I feel pressure because what if she isn't where she needs to be?

I lost focus on the why and the end goal. My goal was never to have them ready to enter junior high, or even read by a certain age. My end goal is for my children to have the education that each child needs to suit their own needs and future callings in this world. The end goal is to have them ready for adulthood.

Every time I get caught up in the people pleasing aspect of homeschool I 'fail' as a homeschool mom. I say fail because I do in many ways quit. I get so stressed about doing things a certain way and we end not doing anything at all.

With my essential blog I felt uninspired. I felt stressed because I had been giving an oil away each week. I have the oils but I didn't have the money to send them to people. I got stressed because all of my readers were already essential oil users. A part of me was hoping to get some clients or team members from what I wrote. I lost the connection with why I started writing the posts in the first place. I wanted to learn more about the oils myself. I was writing more for me and hoping to share what I learned with anyone who would listen. My why didn't care about whether they joined my team. Writing became a should and I rebelled against the should and quit.

The same goes for everything in my life. If I lose track of the real reason for doing it I will find that I begin to resent doing and I end up quitting. It doesn't matter how much I love it or even how fulfilled I feel in doing it. As soon as I let go of my why and end goals I feel like quitting.

How does one remedy such a thing? Sometimes break isn't always a bad thing as long as it is just a break. Even better if you use the break to reevaluate what it is your are doing, remember the why and end goal.

For my essential oil writing I decided to let it just come out however it wanted. I didn't force myself to stick with writing about oils in abc order. I didn't even force myself to stick to writing about an oil each week. I decided to let it just come out as it wants to come out. I did away with the contest, at least for now. If I start again I will make sure it is in alignment with my why and end goal.

For everything that we have do it s a good practice to ask ourselves if we really want to do it. If yes, then do so. If the answer is no, then we can ask ourselves why not. Is it because it isn't aligned with us? Is it because we need a break to regroup? Is it because we're pleasing others and we don't want to do that any more? Often the answers we give ourselves are easy to resolve.

I don't believe we were meant to come to earth and live a life of shoulds.

Even with the gospel. We were given commandments but we aren't supposed to follow them because we should. He wants us to follow them because we love Him and desire to serve Him. We aren't meant to go to work because we should. We can make it through those should situations by focusing on a different reason. Focus on the positive side vs the negative side. No more I have to go to work to pay the bills. Now we can focus on It's time to go to work because I love my children and want to do my best to provide for them.

This change in attitude will do a few things. You will find that you are just all around happier. You will find you get more done because you aren't fighting yourself about doing. You will even find blessings come to you. A job you don't like could turn into one you do like or you will find a new job you enjoy. It's all because you have changed your internal vibration to be in alignment with a better thing.

Good luck with your should busting. It can be fun finding a way around a should. The end result is worth it.

With love and light,


Here is the link the essential oil blog I mentioned. You are welcome to go on over and see what I have to say.

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December 01, 2014

The Ego Has Landed

I finished the draft for my book. I was surprised. I  didn't expect to have the surge of emotion that I had. Oh sure I expected to feel joy and such as I completed it but I didn't expect what I got.

What I got was a surge of many kinds of emotions all at the same time. There was a sense of loss. There was anxiety about the revision process and the publishing aspects. There was joy. There was relief. I felt a weight lift from my chest. I was left almost disturbed at finishing. I had no clue about so many of those emotions. I am sure it was a great healing for me but wow.

So what did that do for me? Oh it put me in my head. I started to feel the beliefs running through me and doubt. Was I good enough? Was my book going to be good enough? Would it be too short? Would it be... I started to feel a lot of fears surface. I did my best to let go of them. In fact I'm feeling pretty good about most of it now. I'm still a little uncertain on how I will publish. I have a few options and sometimes having choices for me is a little eh.

What was really weird for me was going from a state of joy, because I was writing from the spirit, to this place of fear. I was allowing my spirit to fully live and express herself through my writing. It left me on a spiritual high of sorts. It made it easier to stay in peace with my children and the events of life. Oh I would have my times when I fell out of peace but it was easier to get back with the healing that was happening. Then I started my revise.

For someone looking at things from a scientific point of view they might say that to write the way I do is to write from the right brain or even the subconscious. It's almost meditative, well I guess it actually is writing from within a meditative state. The left brain or conscious mind in many ways is disconnected from the process. The nature of revision tries to open the conscious and keep you in the left brain state.

Now there is nothing wrong with the left brain. I like my left brained side. I like making charts and even sometimes analyzing data. I quite enjoy the balance it brings to my life. I love that there are people who dominantly think with the left brain, for it brings balance to the world. It is a mistake to think that the spirit can't perform and be there for this left brained type activity. Your spirit is designed to participate in all aspects of life.

So then what happened? All of my doubts and fears about who I am or how good I am or if I am enough those all came up as I began my revising process. Instead of feeling peace and joy at the end of a writing session, I felt tense and aggravated. I started worrying about word counts. There aren't necessarily a lot of words in my 13 chapter book. In some ways each chapter is like a blog post. Now, I am sure it is perfect. It is what is meant to be and when I think of similar books many of them are short.

I had even began writing on another thing. This time it's a Christmas book. A children's story. I'm excited for a different aspect of my writing to be written this way. Even with this new book I still dreaded writing again. Silly ego. :D

What to do? Breath deep. Let it out. Write, journal, if necessary. Use whatever healing techniques you know and then be gentle with yourself as you move through the process of allowing your spirit to again live fully in your body.

This is what I did and today is a great day. I'm excited about writing. Even excited about revising!

Have a beautiful day.


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November 24, 2014


I have been searching for an ideal companion. Not the perfect looks kind of thing but the someone that will compliment who I am. In doing this search I have made many great friends. Last night I chatted with just such a friend.

We have some interesting talks and there is a part of me very attracted to me. I have struggled to know what is holding me back. Yesterday I became aware of what it is and it has stirred this post.

Each one of us has a way of being we seek. It's at the core of us. Most of our issues will be around this same idea.

According to Dr. Carolyn Mein there are 25 body types. She has suggested that each of the 25 types all have a different motivator. They also have a different issues that comes up regularly. These will be tied in with their heart and soul. When healed they will experience life to the absolute fullest.

Mine is love. It has always been love. I take any kind of personality test or an aura test and I find that I am here to experience love. To learn love, to teach love, to allow love, to love others fully. It's always about love for me.

My friend? Well I noticed yesterday that his seems to be about freedom. He loves and craves adventure. I have heard him talk about treasure hunting and I know that this is one of the ways that he feels alive and connected fully to his spirit. He has a quote, "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me freedom," as you can see in his quote he is desiring freedom above anything else, including the love that makes me tick. Now don't get me wrong. He definitely desires loves. He's a great guy and has so much to give.

The question I ask of you is what is your motivator? Your biggest areas of getting stuck will be around this. For my friend he's currently experiencing financial strain that isn't allowing him to have the freedom he wants.

He wants freedom in relationships. This does not mean that he wants to be able to hop from person to person or cheat on his love. It's that he wants to feel like he can freely express himself. That the isn't tied down by her. That he can be totally who he is without changing. The freedom to be him.

For me my blockages cover literally every aspect of life. I have flow of spirit through homeschooling. Maybe because it is a en expression of my great love for my children? I know that all of my money issues, home issues, relationship issues, health issues, etc are all tied up in the way I love, or don't love myself.

What are you motivators? You can be motivated by love, freedom, fun, service, abundance, etc. There is no right or wrong answer. They all lie within you. Notice the thoughts and feelings you have most often. I can't do this because.... No one cares about me because... Everyone abandons me because...

Look at all the thoughts that creep into your head. Not only do they indicate your beliefs about yourself but the ones that show up the most and strongest can also be an indicators of what you desire the most, who you are inside, what your core motivators are. When you know this you will be closer to living fully in your body. Your spirit will love you for it and you will experience the greatest joy, love, freedom, peace abundance, etc. You will be in true bliss. Good luck on your journey.

All of my love to you,

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November 17, 2014

A Bit of Being Me Time

Depression. It's an ugly word. It's an ugly feeling. Where does it come from? How do we get out of it?

My experience is that depression comes from the lack of hope as well as an experience of being out of balance with who we are inside.

Imagine, if you will, that you could live your life from a state of eternal bliss. A place where your spirit controlled your life. Does that seem like it would be a depressive state? No, of course not. That is a state of peace, love, joy and freedom.

When our spirits are in control we must feel joy. Our spirits are joy and love. A friend referred to our spirits as balls of love. It's true. We are in essence love, peace and joy. We strive for these traits because it is what we are. We want to return home to who we really are.

I have had the opportunity to get closer to who I am. I am experiencing a writing method that has allowed me to really tap into who I am inside and allow her to be the author she has always been. The chance to give her a voice.

My totally unexpected and most favorite result of doing just a few minutes of this kind of writing is a lifting of a depression that has been around for a couple of months. I didn't know how to release this depression. I didn't know how to be happy.

I have been enjoying the freedom from that heavy feeling. I have laughed, teased, danced and sung with my children in a way I haven't done in a long time.

I have felt impressed that this is because for a while I was living on purpose and allowing my spirit to be in control. When I live on purpose I feel joy.

Are you living on purpose? Do you know what your purpose is? If not then I bless you with the desire, ability and success to know, feel and be who you were meant to be.

You are love and your light is beautiful.

With all of my heart,

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October 14, 2014

What do you do when your washing machine breaks?

Life likes to throw us curve balls. We've had a few lately. It's so frustrating when thing after thing falls apart. Recently the spin cycle stopped working on the washing machine. What would you do?

I know some people have a habit of instantly going into the "I don't have money for this" mode. I went in to the "how can I make the best of this" mode. That's actually something I'm quite pleased with myself for. It means I've come a long way in my attitude about life.

I immediately learned to wash clothes by hand. I learned a few things. It's freaking hard work. I can't even begin to describe the ache I have felt, especially the first day. The worst part is wringing out the clothes.

An important thing I wanted to pass on to my friends is my emergency preparedness tip. Invest in a wringer. They cost a bit so if your emergency is like mine where the washer broke and cash for the laundromat is slim; it's a little too late. We know what to save for now. It's pretty common for people to think to buy a wheat grinder but what about wringing out wet clothes? The washing itself is a chore but it's the wringing that does one in. I still haven't found a way to enough water out.

I am grateful for new skills.
Some other things I have learned is that investing in a washboard is actually really helpful, unless you
live by a stream with rocks. The plungers are ok but don't do much for spots. I feel blessed that I was able to learn how to wash by hand using Google. It's a good skill to learn now, while you can research with the internet. Imagine if I had no power and that's why I was washing by hand.

I'm finding gratitude very helpful in this time of experience. I'm grateful that I only personally own one pair of jeans. My skirts aren't just more comfortable they are also easier to wash. I'm grateful that we can take a weekly trip to the laundromat to do the towels and jeans. They are the hardest to wash. I am also grateful that we don't wear the skirts of pioneer days. Holy cow I can't imagine having to wash all that fabric!!!

I have decided that I want to continue to wash some things by hand even if the washer gets fixed. Whites are actually clean and so are the socks. I am amazed really at how much the washing machine doesn't get out. I think a combination of hand wash and running it through a rinse cycle, mostly to spin the water out, would be a great idea.

It's actually quite satisfying to wash clothes by hand. I feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. It's been fun rearranging the homeschool day to find the best way to do both. Washing clothes by hand is super time consuming. It's amazing to think about those in years past that washed clothes this way because it was the only way. We really do live a spoiled life, even those of us who have been having the less than experience with money.

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September 22, 2014


My intention is to publish when I finish. I don't want to allow it to sit. This means it may not be the best edit. :D I am fairly decent at self-editing so I don't think it will be too bad.

The other night I was frustrated again. Routines, schedules, etc. They sound amazing to me. I desire a life where things are done daily to keep up. I desire a life where I set an intention to do something and follow through. I long to be organized. The word looms at me. Many have admired my ability to be organized. Others have seen the truth.

I have a free spirit side to me.

I was asking myself "How can I?" I love that question! This time it was, "How can I have the routines I want and still be true to my wave side?" Wave is a term that comes from Alex Paulos's temperament typing system. ( "The ‘Wave’ dominant type is pre-wired to divert focus and to thrive in the world of possibility and change," quote from the website.

The answer came in the realization of how much negativity I had around the word routine and schedules. Plus the idea I had that only certain types of people can have routines and schedules. This left me with a choice. I could take the time to clear all of the negativity around the words or find another way.

I'm pretty swamped these days with clearing energy. I have had a focus and I didn't feel like clearing these words at this time. This left me looking for another way. The words "good habits" came to mind.

It's funny how that feels so much lighter than the other words. I can see anyone on the planet making good habits. The amount of time to create them may take different amounts of times but any one can create a good habit.

I turned to my trusty friend Google for assistance. I found a tool that I am so excited about that I felt like writing. If-then planning.

Say that my goal, because it is one, is to fold laundry as it comes out each day. I have 5 kids, we do laundry often. What if I don't feel like folding? When planning my goal I will decide what to do in situations like these. Decide what will you do when you don't feel like doing what you want. For me it looks like, "If I don't want to fold, then I will at least sort."

Eventually I will have created a habit of sorting at least. If I find that I rarely actually fold then I can keep working towards that habit by changing my if-then plan. If..., then I will sort as well as fold one child's laundry. Eventually I may get my children to fold their own laundry but for now I am satisfied that they will at least put it away if I fold it for them.

At our house we've taken this idea to other aspects as well. If we don't feel like doing school, then.... If we don't feel like cleaning our room, then.... You can even use it for a diet. If I didn't stay within my calories, then....

Giving yourself a lesser than option allows you to keep progressing towards your goal. It helps you avoid the all or nothing thinking that happens so often. No longer stuck in if I don't do it then why bother in the future. Life happens so let's plan for it and still succeed.

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September 05, 2014

My Mission Statement

As I allow my most recent draft to percolate I thought I'd read through and revise some drafts that have been sitting for a while. This is one of those. :)

For a while I felt a little off purpose and without identity. It was quite ironic considering that I called myself an Identity Specialist. An Identity Specialist helps others get in touch with their true identity and purpose and I was feeling completely disconnected from mine.

I had just read an email that asked some questions to get people thinking about their mission. I have been wondering about mine so the timing was pretty perfect. A mission is a type of purpose. There are a few types of purpose in this world. So I'll refer to mission statement.

This isn't to be confused with a mission like a task. It's not, "Here's your mission if you choose to accept it." A mission statement is at the core of everything we do whether we are aware of it or not. We chose into it before we came to earth.

A mission statement is actually something that can be true of you no matter what you choose to be or do with your life. It is a common thread throughout. It never changes. Years ago I did a process that came to one and I rebelled against it in so many ways. I hear rebelling against it is quite common.

The guy who I learned this from claimed to be a "sword of truth". I came to the conclusion, "I am a warrior of light." Rebelling at the idea of warrior I called myself instead a "bearer of light." I chuckled recently when I heard my aunt say hers was "warrior of light". She, like me, has many gifts in the energy side of life.

One of the questions often asked when looking for purpose is What could you talk about for hours and not get bored? This is always easy for me to answer. This is a great way to discover one aspect of purpose but it isn't our mission statement.

Our mission statement doesn't care what we do or how we do it as long as we are being true to it. If I stop shining light, and fighting for it (yes I have to accept that I am a warrior) then I feel miserable and off purpose. I choose to focus much of my activity around healing. It allows me to assist others in shining light and I definitely experience the battle aspects with this, although I choose to be a peaceful warrior.

My aunt has chosen a more specific focus of battling evil. We aren't doing the same things but we are both being warriors of light. Much light soldiers in an army will have different tasks they are in charge of.

I am a warrior of light, with an emphasis on healing and educating. I love to write on different subjects because I know that it is igniting the light within you.

Do you know what your mission statement is? There are many ways of finding this information. I can't even remember the exact process to find mine. I can tell you this. We have the answers within. We have direct access to all knowledge concerning us. I believe it is as simple as asking and receiving.

Ask: What is my mission statement? If you are used to asking yourself questions like these and getting answers you may hear instantly what it is. Even without being used to it you may hear the answer. If not the answer will come. You may be walking down the street and notice something that triggers a thought and it will come to your awareness that you've been answered. You may hear someone say something. You may find it helpful to write in a journal about it. Whatever your process just know it is perfect for you.

What if you don't receive an answer? Two thoughts come to mind here.

One, you may not be ready to know. Your spirit will only grant access to that information if it is in your highest good to know.

Two, you may be blocking the answer. This could be as simple as trying too hard, holding to tight to the outcome, or fear of receiving.

There is nothing to be afraid of. Once you recognize the answer you can see throughout your life how it will apply. Maybe not at first, like me with the warrior, but eventually you can see. I get my most defensive when I am fighting for what I believe is truth and I have always done so.

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September 01, 2014

What is a Chakra?

I've been writing a book. I'm really excited about this book. The information started coming to me years ago and has just now hit a point where I understood why I was given the information.

When I was sharing on facebook that I was taking on the goal of writing a book on chakras I was asked, "What is a chakra?" I love this question. It gets me thinking in terms of people who may not know what a chakra is. Those people who will likely learn about chakras for the first time from my book.

I found this at this website.
It shows how many see chakras.
The word chakra comes from a Sanskrit word cakra which means wheel or circle. A chakra is an energy center that is often perceived by those who can see energy as a spinning wheel, often as two funnels connected in the middle. They perceive energy spinning in and out of each center creating our earth experiences.

When the chakras are working well we experience positives in our lives. When they are blocked or not functioning correctly we will experience negatives in our lives. This isn't to be confused with everything being perfect but rather when they are working properly it is easier for us to find the positive side of each situation.

There are many chakras throughout our energies. Some major and some minor. Some located on or rather within the physical body and some out of the physical body but within our individual energy systems. Each one has a purpose and a function. One is about connection, another about voice. One will assist us in creating prosperity and another will help us feel safe.

Some of the minor chakras are connected with organs within the body. They assist the organs in working properly. If an organ is not healing there may be a chakra not working right creating some of the problem. One function of chakras help to expel negative energy and bring in positive.

The chakras are conduits our spirits use to operate and function in this physical world. As we heal chakras the spirit gets to have more control of the mortal body and we begin to feel more joy.

I'm really excited about my book. I'm also really excited about the work I am doing. It's especially fun to heal chakras. If you are interested in my work then please check out my service page and send me a message.

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August 07, 2014

How to Get a Clean House

For years I have known that our environment was an indication of what we are feeling on the inside. I've known it was somehow an indication of what our energy was acting like. Maybe a need to keep us safe or even as simple as chaotic energy attracting a chaotic environment.

When you listen to people who teach about the energy behind our experiences you will hear them say that all things can indicate how we are doing energetically. They'll point out that your relationship with money is an indication of what your relationships with others is like or even more importantly the relationship with yourself. All of our issues are interconnected. They are all indications of how we feel inside.

Many people just have these issues show up in certain areas of their lives. Health, environment, money, and relationships are the general areas where you are likely to be able to judge how your energy is doing. I'm one of the lucky people who have managed to get challenges in almost every area possible. :)

Over the last month I have been doing some fantastic work on my own energy. I've been healing in a powerful way. I've known that I have been feeling amazing. Happier within myself and kinder to those around me. I've felt more confident in doing and saying things and I have had a lot less drama show up in my experience. It's felt fantastic!

Then a few days ago I started having a new experience. Out of nowhere I felt the urge to clean. It's almost like it takes over me. I am finding a few minutes to clean some area in my space each day. Sometimes I've noticed myself cleaning more than one area. After years of feeling like I needed to force myself to clean, even when my desire is a clean and organized home, I am finding myself almost driven to clean and yet it's not obsessive. I still am taking time for my children and the other things in my life. I can honestly say I have never felt more productive.

I wish I could tell you how different it feels. How I can just feel that it is a permanent change in my life. What a fun benefit I wasn't expecting from the healing work I have been doing!

How do you get a clean house? Clear the energy in you that is keeping it messy. Happy to assist you! I would love to give you what I have. Check out my services.

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July 09, 2014

Is Your House Keeping You Stuck?

Well, could your house be keeping you stuck? Yes and no. Let me explain.

The yes.

Energetically much can happen within a home.

Energy gets absorbed from us and then redistributed onto others when they occupy the same place. This happens when there is consistent residency. For example people lived in a home, left their energetic patterns and then moved. The new family starts to absorb those patterns as well as leave their own.

Just as when you walk into a room and can tell a fight just happened, those strong energies can get trapped in the home, as well as anyone who was exposed to that energy either directly or indirectly by spending time in that space.

Entities also like to make themselves at home in our homes, especially if there is enough negative energy to attract them. This could be negative trapped emotions or even clutter. Please note, a lot of stuff does not necessarily mean clutter. It's more about the type and organization, for those of you who like to have a lot of movement in your spaces.

The floor design and furniture placement can really mess with the flow of energy.

All of these can affect us so in a way yes our homes can keep us stuck.

The no.

My friend, however, was talking to me about how if you are healed then your home wouldn't affect you. Just like many things our homes can energetically change with us or we can move on from the home when we are no longer in alignment with the negative vibration of the home. Her philosophy is that there is no need to energetically do anything with the home because it is simply a tool but rather just focus healing on the individuals who reside in the home.

The yes and no.

This conversation had me in some serious contemplation. See, I happen to love many of the concepts within Feng Shui, the flow of energy makes sense to me as well as the vibrations our stuff give off. I also have done healing on homes, and they have had noticeable results. Was my work a waste? Would my time have been better spent healing those that live within the homes? Even when I have felt inspired to do this?

My answer is that we are, as a general society, doing much to raise the vibrations of the people. Each heart that is healed, each money problem that is healed, each body that is healed all contribute to the raising vibration of the people of our planet. What happens to the energy in the homes? Will it just keep moving from home to home? Will the people just keep leaving energetically risky homes for the next people to move into? Maybe even run out of places to go, after all even the land can hold energy.

Addressing the energies within a home along with healing the people allows the energy of the earth to also rise with the people. Also, our stuff is a part of our stewardship. We will be held accountable for how we treat the world, our things as well as each other. This means that I will continue to heal homes, people, animals and objects. It's time for the entire earth to rise in vibration.

To get a session for your home, objects, animals or people, I would love to serve you. Just go to my services page.

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January 20, 2014

The Limiting Belief the Energy Healing World Propagates

My family at the planetarium. People I want in my life forever!
It's been so long since I wrote. Life has been super hectic and I kind of fell out of the desire to write. The spark was there but didn't flame into a subject to write about.

Among the many things going on in my life I just sent my oldest son away for two years to serve the Lord and our church in the Philippines. I just found an all online homeschool program that has set my heart at ease on that subject. I feel like many things are starting to finally settle into place or calm down. I may even be able to write about the craziness I experienced a couple of months ago.

Yesterday, I was once again healing on abandonment. I like many who have experienced abandonment have actually pushed people away. The concept is, if I keep you out now, then it won't hurt when you leave. The reality is that when we do this we miss out on a lot of great experiences and love. Most of this, of course, is a subconscious pushing away. Rarely was I even aware that I was pushing them away. When I did become aware, I wasn't sure how to actually stop myself.

Recently, I let someone very deep into my heart. It took a lot of effort on my part, a lot of healing. Along with the sure knowledge that I am actually cared about came a great fear and a lot of hurt. These feelings were what lead me to once again address my beliefs and energies. This, in turn, leads to the belief that the energy world continues to propagate.

When you change your vibration you will experience others showing up differently for you or dropping out of your life.

At first, this seems great. As I have been working on believing that people will actually stay in my life this belief becomes a problem. Now I move into worry and here are some of the thoughts that have surfaced.

"No wonder I don't want to step into my truth. People might choose out of my life."
"If I change some of my beliefs so I start acting different then I won't vibrate in harmony with so-and-so and they'll leave my life."
"My best friend is improving his life. What if I don't improve mine at a compatible speed. He'll drop out of my life."

I don't want people just leaving my life. That is what I am changing. I am creating connections and lasting relationships.

Let me propose that they, the energy healers of the world, probably even myself in the past, have been sending out a limiting belief. Why must I believe that people will either change with me or fall out of my life?

I now choose to believe:
As I change my vibrations, those around me change to match my new vibrations. People stay a part of my life, unless I consciously choose to let them go.
Thank you readers for becoming a part of my life and staying with me. It's a great journey to be on together. Peace, Love and Light be unto you my friends!

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