January 20, 2014

The Limiting Belief the Energy Healing World Propagates

My family at the planetarium. People I want in my life forever!
It's been so long since I wrote. Life has been super hectic and I kind of fell out of the desire to write. The spark was there but didn't flame into a subject to write about.

Among the many things going on in my life I just sent my oldest son away for two years to serve the Lord and our church in the Philippines. I just found an all online homeschool program that has set my heart at ease on that subject. I feel like many things are starting to finally settle into place or calm down. I may even be able to write about the craziness I experienced a couple of months ago.

Yesterday, I was once again healing on abandonment. I like many who have experienced abandonment have actually pushed people away. The concept is, if I keep you out now, then it won't hurt when you leave. The reality is that when we do this we miss out on a lot of great experiences and love. Most of this, of course, is a subconscious pushing away. Rarely was I even aware that I was pushing them away. When I did become aware, I wasn't sure how to actually stop myself.

Recently, I let someone very deep into my heart. It took a lot of effort on my part, a lot of healing. Along with the sure knowledge that I am actually cared about came a great fear and a lot of hurt. These feelings were what lead me to once again address my beliefs and energies. This, in turn, leads to the belief that the energy world continues to propagate.

When you change your vibration you will experience others showing up differently for you or dropping out of your life.

At first, this seems great. As I have been working on believing that people will actually stay in my life this belief becomes a problem. Now I move into worry and here are some of the thoughts that have surfaced.

"No wonder I don't want to step into my truth. People might choose out of my life."
"If I change some of my beliefs so I start acting different then I won't vibrate in harmony with so-and-so and they'll leave my life."
"My best friend is improving his life. What if I don't improve mine at a compatible speed. He'll drop out of my life."

I don't want people just leaving my life. That is what I am changing. I am creating connections and lasting relationships.

Let me propose that they, the energy healers of the world, probably even myself in the past, have been sending out a limiting belief. Why must I believe that people will either change with me or fall out of my life?

I now choose to believe:
As I change my vibrations, those around me change to match my new vibrations. People stay a part of my life, unless I consciously choose to let them go.
Thank you readers for becoming a part of my life and staying with me. It's a great journey to be on together. Peace, Love and Light be unto you my friends!

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