July 09, 2014

Is Your House Keeping You Stuck?

Well, could your house be keeping you stuck? Yes and no. Let me explain.

The yes.

Energetically much can happen within a home.

Energy gets absorbed from us and then redistributed onto others when they occupy the same place. This happens when there is consistent residency. For example people lived in a home, left their energetic patterns and then moved. The new family starts to absorb those patterns as well as leave their own.

Just as when you walk into a room and can tell a fight just happened, those strong energies can get trapped in the home, as well as anyone who was exposed to that energy either directly or indirectly by spending time in that space.

Entities also like to make themselves at home in our homes, especially if there is enough negative energy to attract them. This could be negative trapped emotions or even clutter. Please note, a lot of stuff does not necessarily mean clutter. It's more about the type and organization, for those of you who like to have a lot of movement in your spaces.

The floor design and furniture placement can really mess with the flow of energy.

All of these can affect us so in a way yes our homes can keep us stuck.

The no.

My friend, however, was talking to me about how if you are healed then your home wouldn't affect you. Just like many things our homes can energetically change with us or we can move on from the home when we are no longer in alignment with the negative vibration of the home. Her philosophy is that there is no need to energetically do anything with the home because it is simply a tool but rather just focus healing on the individuals who reside in the home.

The yes and no.

This conversation had me in some serious contemplation. See, I happen to love many of the concepts within Feng Shui, the flow of energy makes sense to me as well as the vibrations our stuff give off. I also have done healing on homes, and they have had noticeable results. Was my work a waste? Would my time have been better spent healing those that live within the homes? Even when I have felt inspired to do this?

My answer is that we are, as a general society, doing much to raise the vibrations of the people. Each heart that is healed, each money problem that is healed, each body that is healed all contribute to the raising vibration of the people of our planet. What happens to the energy in the homes? Will it just keep moving from home to home? Will the people just keep leaving energetically risky homes for the next people to move into? Maybe even run out of places to go, after all even the land can hold energy.

Addressing the energies within a home along with healing the people allows the energy of the earth to also rise with the people. Also, our stuff is a part of our stewardship. We will be held accountable for how we treat the world, our things as well as each other. This means that I will continue to heal homes, people, animals and objects. It's time for the entire earth to rise in vibration.

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