August 07, 2014

How to Get a Clean House

For years I have known that our environment was an indication of what we are feeling on the inside. I've known it was somehow an indication of what our energy was acting like. Maybe a need to keep us safe or even as simple as chaotic energy attracting a chaotic environment.

When you listen to people who teach about the energy behind our experiences you will hear them say that all things can indicate how we are doing energetically. They'll point out that your relationship with money is an indication of what your relationships with others is like or even more importantly the relationship with yourself. All of our issues are interconnected. They are all indications of how we feel inside.

Many people just have these issues show up in certain areas of their lives. Health, environment, money, and relationships are the general areas where you are likely to be able to judge how your energy is doing. I'm one of the lucky people who have managed to get challenges in almost every area possible. :)

Over the last month I have been doing some fantastic work on my own energy. I've been healing in a powerful way. I've known that I have been feeling amazing. Happier within myself and kinder to those around me. I've felt more confident in doing and saying things and I have had a lot less drama show up in my experience. It's felt fantastic!

Then a few days ago I started having a new experience. Out of nowhere I felt the urge to clean. It's almost like it takes over me. I am finding a few minutes to clean some area in my space each day. Sometimes I've noticed myself cleaning more than one area. After years of feeling like I needed to force myself to clean, even when my desire is a clean and organized home, I am finding myself almost driven to clean and yet it's not obsessive. I still am taking time for my children and the other things in my life. I can honestly say I have never felt more productive.

I wish I could tell you how different it feels. How I can just feel that it is a permanent change in my life. What a fun benefit I wasn't expecting from the healing work I have been doing!

How do you get a clean house? Clear the energy in you that is keeping it messy. Happy to assist you! I would love to give you what I have. Check out my services.

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