September 22, 2014


My intention is to publish when I finish. I don't want to allow it to sit. This means it may not be the best edit. :D I am fairly decent at self-editing so I don't think it will be too bad.

The other night I was frustrated again. Routines, schedules, etc. They sound amazing to me. I desire a life where things are done daily to keep up. I desire a life where I set an intention to do something and follow through. I long to be organized. The word looms at me. Many have admired my ability to be organized. Others have seen the truth.

I have a free spirit side to me.

I was asking myself "How can I?" I love that question! This time it was, "How can I have the routines I want and still be true to my wave side?" Wave is a term that comes from Alex Paulos's temperament typing system. ( "The ‘Wave’ dominant type is pre-wired to divert focus and to thrive in the world of possibility and change," quote from the website.

The answer came in the realization of how much negativity I had around the word routine and schedules. Plus the idea I had that only certain types of people can have routines and schedules. This left me with a choice. I could take the time to clear all of the negativity around the words or find another way.

I'm pretty swamped these days with clearing energy. I have had a focus and I didn't feel like clearing these words at this time. This left me looking for another way. The words "good habits" came to mind.

It's funny how that feels so much lighter than the other words. I can see anyone on the planet making good habits. The amount of time to create them may take different amounts of times but any one can create a good habit.

I turned to my trusty friend Google for assistance. I found a tool that I am so excited about that I felt like writing. If-then planning.

Say that my goal, because it is one, is to fold laundry as it comes out each day. I have 5 kids, we do laundry often. What if I don't feel like folding? When planning my goal I will decide what to do in situations like these. Decide what will you do when you don't feel like doing what you want. For me it looks like, "If I don't want to fold, then I will at least sort."

Eventually I will have created a habit of sorting at least. If I find that I rarely actually fold then I can keep working towards that habit by changing my if-then plan. If..., then I will sort as well as fold one child's laundry. Eventually I may get my children to fold their own laundry but for now I am satisfied that they will at least put it away if I fold it for them.

At our house we've taken this idea to other aspects as well. If we don't feel like doing school, then.... If we don't feel like cleaning our room, then.... You can even use it for a diet. If I didn't stay within my calories, then....

Giving yourself a lesser than option allows you to keep progressing towards your goal. It helps you avoid the all or nothing thinking that happens so often. No longer stuck in if I don't do it then why bother in the future. Life happens so let's plan for it and still succeed.

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