September 01, 2014

What is a Chakra?

I've been writing a book. I'm really excited about this book. The information started coming to me years ago and has just now hit a point where I understood why I was given the information.

When I was sharing on facebook that I was taking on the goal of writing a book on chakras I was asked, "What is a chakra?" I love this question. It gets me thinking in terms of people who may not know what a chakra is. Those people who will likely learn about chakras for the first time from my book.

I found this at this website.
It shows how many see chakras.
The word chakra comes from a Sanskrit word cakra which means wheel or circle. A chakra is an energy center that is often perceived by those who can see energy as a spinning wheel, often as two funnels connected in the middle. They perceive energy spinning in and out of each center creating our earth experiences.

When the chakras are working well we experience positives in our lives. When they are blocked or not functioning correctly we will experience negatives in our lives. This isn't to be confused with everything being perfect but rather when they are working properly it is easier for us to find the positive side of each situation.

There are many chakras throughout our energies. Some major and some minor. Some located on or rather within the physical body and some out of the physical body but within our individual energy systems. Each one has a purpose and a function. One is about connection, another about voice. One will assist us in creating prosperity and another will help us feel safe.

Some of the minor chakras are connected with organs within the body. They assist the organs in working properly. If an organ is not healing there may be a chakra not working right creating some of the problem. One function of chakras help to expel negative energy and bring in positive.

The chakras are conduits our spirits use to operate and function in this physical world. As we heal chakras the spirit gets to have more control of the mortal body and we begin to feel more joy.

I'm really excited about my book. I'm also really excited about the work I am doing. It's especially fun to heal chakras. If you are interested in my work then please check out my service page and send me a message.

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