October 14, 2014

What do you do when your washing machine breaks?

Life likes to throw us curve balls. We've had a few lately. It's so frustrating when thing after thing falls apart. Recently the spin cycle stopped working on the washing machine. What would you do?

I know some people have a habit of instantly going into the "I don't have money for this" mode. I went in to the "how can I make the best of this" mode. That's actually something I'm quite pleased with myself for. It means I've come a long way in my attitude about life.

I immediately learned to wash clothes by hand. I learned a few things. It's freaking hard work. I can't even begin to describe the ache I have felt, especially the first day. The worst part is wringing out the clothes.

An important thing I wanted to pass on to my friends is my emergency preparedness tip. Invest in a wringer. They cost a bit so if your emergency is like mine where the washer broke and cash for the laundromat is slim; it's a little too late. We know what to save for now. It's pretty common for people to think to buy a wheat grinder but what about wringing out wet clothes? The washing itself is a chore but it's the wringing that does one in. I still haven't found a way to enough water out.

I am grateful for new skills.
Some other things I have learned is that investing in a washboard is actually really helpful, unless you
live by a stream with rocks. The plungers are ok but don't do much for spots. I feel blessed that I was able to learn how to wash by hand using Google. It's a good skill to learn now, while you can research with the internet. Imagine if I had no power and that's why I was washing by hand.

I'm finding gratitude very helpful in this time of experience. I'm grateful that I only personally own one pair of jeans. My skirts aren't just more comfortable they are also easier to wash. I'm grateful that we can take a weekly trip to the laundromat to do the towels and jeans. They are the hardest to wash. I am also grateful that we don't wear the skirts of pioneer days. Holy cow I can't imagine having to wash all that fabric!!!

I have decided that I want to continue to wash some things by hand even if the washer gets fixed. Whites are actually clean and so are the socks. I am amazed really at how much the washing machine doesn't get out. I think a combination of hand wash and running it through a rinse cycle, mostly to spin the water out, would be a great idea.

It's actually quite satisfying to wash clothes by hand. I feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. It's been fun rearranging the homeschool day to find the best way to do both. Washing clothes by hand is super time consuming. It's amazing to think about those in years past that washed clothes this way because it was the only way. We really do live a spoiled life, even those of us who have been having the less than experience with money.

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