November 17, 2014

A Bit of Being Me Time

Depression. It's an ugly word. It's an ugly feeling. Where does it come from? How do we get out of it?

My experience is that depression comes from the lack of hope as well as an experience of being out of balance with who we are inside.

Imagine, if you will, that you could live your life from a state of eternal bliss. A place where your spirit controlled your life. Does that seem like it would be a depressive state? No, of course not. That is a state of peace, love, joy and freedom.

When our spirits are in control we must feel joy. Our spirits are joy and love. A friend referred to our spirits as balls of love. It's true. We are in essence love, peace and joy. We strive for these traits because it is what we are. We want to return home to who we really are.

I have had the opportunity to get closer to who I am. I am experiencing a writing method that has allowed me to really tap into who I am inside and allow her to be the author she has always been. The chance to give her a voice.

My totally unexpected and most favorite result of doing just a few minutes of this kind of writing is a lifting of a depression that has been around for a couple of months. I didn't know how to release this depression. I didn't know how to be happy.

I have been enjoying the freedom from that heavy feeling. I have laughed, teased, danced and sung with my children in a way I haven't done in a long time.

I have felt impressed that this is because for a while I was living on purpose and allowing my spirit to be in control. When I live on purpose I feel joy.

Are you living on purpose? Do you know what your purpose is? If not then I bless you with the desire, ability and success to know, feel and be who you were meant to be.

You are love and your light is beautiful.

With all of my heart,

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